10 Tips for Car Owners to Go Green

With the awareness on global warming, people all around the globe are pitching in to contribute towards making the planet better. And out of all the things we can normally do in our usual day-to-day life towards going green, people often feel guilty about the traffic and pollution as they cannot avoid using their vehicles to commute every day.

Even with excessive usage of automobiles in India, there are still some tips people can use to make the experience better for themselves as well as the planet and the people around them. Mentioned below are some points which can be used to ensure the reduction of the impact from automobiles all around us.

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  1. The first and foremost point to keep in mind is to avoid rush hour traffic. This will result in lesser stops which in turn reduces pollution.
  2. Combining several trips to one can help a great deal. When the engine is already warm from one trip and it is used again and again for several other chores, the engine does not generate much air pollution. Hence, instead of heating it up several times a day or even a week, it is always advisable to do all your weekly chores at one go on the weekend, preferably when the traffic is low.
  3. Aggressive driving should be avoided. When the gas pedal is floored even for a second, it produces carbon monoxide equal to half an hour of normal driving. Not to mention the risk of accidents.
  4. Apart from abiding by the law and saving money, another reason to feel good about following the speed limit is that driving at 65 mph instead of 75 mph decreases tailpipe pollution in most cars.
  5. Carrying as little load as possible helps too.
  6. Using the overdrive gear at cruising speeds also helps. While driving a manual transmission, shifting up and running at a higher gear reduces the rpm, fuel use, and engine wear. It should also be kept in mind that there is about a 15% drivetrain loss predicted for an average car having a manual transmission.
  7. Air condition in some vehicles emits harmful gases too. So whenever you can use fresh air or can avoid the AC, it is definitely advisable. Apart from the health of the planet, it is good for you as well as your fuel economy.
  8. Maintaining the tire pressure is important for safety, fuel economy, and in turn, the environment.
  9. Regular oil changes are also necessary to make sure that the environment you drive in is absolutely pollution free.
  10. Last but not the least; carpooling is probably the most tried gesture and usually the first step taken towards this awareness. It is highly recommended to continue that too.

The points mentioned here are the most basic steps that can be followed by people who regularly use automobiles as the only way to commute, and cannot opt for ‘greener’ options like walking or biking. Numerous little efforts from millions of people around the globe will definitely show some great results and help us address ‘global warming’ successfully.

Author Box:

Joseph is a vehicle enthusiast and also seeks ways to curb pollution that occurs due to the improper use of vehicles. He even suggests ways to take care of your vehicle parts like drivetrain, clutch plates, gearbox etc when you adopt a better mode of using the vehicle.