8 Best Street Foods in Chennai for Vegetarians

The most appealing part of street food is the magic it creates to our taste buds in spite of its not-so-interesting origin. The street food culture is practised across the world and Chennai is one of the best places in India that serves everything from the authentic “Idli Vada Sambar” to Burmese Noodles!

Street Foods in Chennai

Read on to find the best places in Chennai to go out on a food rampage.

1.Sambar, Idlis, and Vada

Idlis with sambar, chutney, and vada is the classic combination found in most Tamil homes. Baked idlis are served with a number of condiments and sambar is the most popular among them. Streets of Chennai offer idlis for breakfast as well as for dinner. The softness of the idlis and the crispy vada soaked in sambar is loved by tourists of all kinds.

2.Chilli Kothu Parottas

This dish is made from parottas seasoned with aromatic spices and zesty flavours. Chilli parottas bring back the taste buds to life, leaving you asking for more and more. They make for an awesome dinner at the end of a long day. Office-goers, tourists, and young adults flock to these street stalls selling parottas even during the late hours of the night.


Walk along the streets of Nungambakam and you will be surprised to see the several chaat stalls that are no lesser than the ones in Chandni Chowk! From Pani Poori corners to mobile food stores selling vada pav and channa chat, Chennai caters to every specific need of the chat lovers in the city.


Fondly called the fatter cousin of the Dosa, the Uthapam comes in different flavours and sizes. Topped with all kinds of vegetables like capsicum, tomato, and even mint leaves, Uthapam is the Indian version of pizza! The butter onion Uthapam with frothy filter coffee is a fantastic combination for a vegetarian breakfast.


The Chettiar community of Tamil Nadu that returned from Burma in the early 60s brought back some of the Burmese dishes to their hometown and Atho is one among them. The

streets of North Chennai are home to several Burmese fast food stores that offer Atho in different flavours. Atho is a Burmese style noodles dish cooked with an assortment of vegetables and spices. The popularity of this dish has made many hotels in Chennai add it to their menu.


The residents of Anna Nagar in Chennai enjoy their winter evening with the hot tasty samosas sold along the streets. Samosa is a spicy pastry that combines the creamy taste of potatoes and peas inside a deep-fried casing of lentil flour. Ask any Chennaite about the popularity of hot samosas on a rainy day and they would go gaga over it.


Times have changed and Chennai is more than idlis and dosas, thanks to the urbanisation culture. The small eateries around Alsa Mall in Egmore now offer different varieties of vegetarian sandwiches at very nominal rates. A popular hangout among office –goers these stores are also the choice for people who believe in healthy binging.

8.Filter Coffee

No matter if you are from Netherland or from Nainital, you wouldn’t want to miss “the filter coffee” of Chennai. Every home in Chennai probably starts their day with a cup of freshly brewed filter coffee. The combination of ground coffee bean in thick frothing milk leaves an inexplicable tinge of taste lingering in your mouth long after you have finished your coffee.