All About Climatic Conditions in India

India is a vast country and it experiences all climates. It is not important that the climate all over the country is same at a time. One should note that when there is high temperature in the central India then we have a cool atmosphere in the northern part of the country. Most of the people move towards north at such time so as to get relief from the burning rays of sun.

If you are a tourist from outside India and you are planning to visit India then it is perfectly safe to travel within the country at any time during the year. It is just traveling in India will depend on the destinations of country one need to explore. For the tourists from outside the country, the time from November to March is the best time to visit most of the country. At this time, most of the parts of India have pleasant atmosphere and cold weather.

Climatic Conditions in India

Most of the people who look to visit the north mountainous region of India visit such places in the period from April to October. This is the best time to visit high mountains as the temperature is cooler during this period while in other months the mountainous regions are totally covered with snow and one may have to face many difficulties.

Kashmir is said to be the crown of India and its natural beauty is incomparable. Most of the tourists visiting India every year just come to explore the beauty of Kashmir. One should remember that during winters, visiting Kashmir should be avoided as during this time it is one of the coldest regions of the country.

Tourists are suggested to explore south India between Novembers to January. During this period south experiences cool atmosphere which is best for traveling and exploring new places. In other months south India have high temperature and one may get upset with the burning rays of sun and you may lose the excitement of your trip.

India is a country which experiences summer in the months of March to June while winter lasts from October to February. Monsoon stays in India from July to September. People living in India experiences every season and enjoy every month. Tourists from outside India can enjoy various natural beauty in India and can experience different weather conditions in different parts of the country.

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