All About Travelling in India

India is a vast country and is similar in size to Europe. It is a home to an ancient culture and one can say the oldest and greatest civilization. India is full of fascinating natural beauty which is enough to draw tourists from all over the world. We have eternal rivers, high snow covered mountains, roaring waterfalls, majestic peaks, and greenery covered fields and many more.

If you are a citizen of India, you can easily visit and explore everywhere without any formalities but if you are a tourist from outside India then you need a passport. You should always carry your passport and visa along with you while traveling. For safety, one should have a photocopy of passport and other travel documents. It is advised not to carry the original copies and the photocopies of your important documents together.

Travelling in IndiaThere are many places in India where one may need to take additional permits. Andaman Islands, Gujarat, Ladakh, Kerala are some places which the tourists from outside India cannot visit without the special permission from the Indian government. Thus it is always better to check with your travel agent or embassy while planning your visit to India.

India is a country which respects every tourists coming here no matter where he or she comes from. The ancient Indian culture says that tourists are no less than God. They should be treated in the best possible way so that they can go back happily and praise our country, its culture and the people living here.

But today we have many pick pockets and thieves who can stole your money and important documents. It is always advised to beware of such people mainly in buses, trains and crowded places. One should always be alert in dark lonely places.

Tourists coming to India are suggested not to familiarize with unknown people. You never know one can harm you in any way. It is many times seen that the tourists coming from other countries to India have soft heart and they try to help beggars over here. Tourists are advised not to encourage beggars. Indian government is always there to help the tourists out here but safety is in one’s own hands.