Ancient Indian herbal recipe to promote hair growth

India has emerged as apex hair source for extensions as women here possess beautiful hair. Indian exotic plants do make wonderfully nourishing hair mask that promotes hair growth and stimulated scalp.


Coconut oil is most suited as base for hair mask. Heat the oil slightly to liquefy it and apply. It penetrates smoothly and moisturizes the shaft from top to root. Olive oil, egg and honey commingled in any ratio are a good base too. The shaft is strengthened and breakage is prevented. The mask is to be put on for 30 to 60 minutes for eggs, else overnight.

Ancient Indian herbal recipeOil infusions

Oil infusion with healthful herbs is to be prepared on the night preceding the planned hair mask usage in sufficient quantity. Indian gooseberry or fenugreek is potent enough to promote hair growth. For each oil cup, two teaspoons of each plant is to be used and the mixture is to be boiled at mild heat until brown.

Allow it to cool after straining. Another option that is time consuming is to allow the plants to infuse the oil naturally by dipping them in oil for some weeks. The mixture is to be massaged into hair and scalp before hitting the sack each night.

Color enhancers

The potency of hair masks can be enhanced with ingredients that stimulate hair growth along with promoting color. They can be added to the oil infusion or mixed into a new mask.

Curry leaves stops the premature graying process and stimulate fresh hair growth and root nourishment when boiled in oil and added with eggs. Hibiscus flowers when boiled in oil with gooseberry, fenugreek and added to hair base prevents gray hair.

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  1. Ancient ways of treating has not yet bee n proven to work effectively but basically it is safer compared to what is today’s discovery that all product is based on chemical form. Very unhealthy yet lot of people are still fond of using it. They don’t see what lays ahead.

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