Beautiful Indian Wedding Clothes in India

Wedding is a most ceremonious occasion for the people of India. People at these times are much particular about the costumes and accessories they are going to wear. They pick up the ones which can make them look beautiful and different in the whole crowd.

India, being a land of diversities consists of people of different tradition and ethnicity. Different people prefer to wear different kind of Indian wedding clothes. A Punjabi couple wears a kurta payajama and salwar kameez whereas a south Indian couple prefers wearing a silk saree and dhoti. A traditional marwari bride and groom will wear a ghagra choli and churidar kurta whereas a Muslim couple prefers lacha and sherwani.

Indian Wedding Clothes

The Indian wedding clothes colors are bright and the work done is exquisite. A lot of people get fine work done on their kurtas from Benaras, from old artisans and weavers who have mastered the art of making wedding garments. Whereas many are also there who prefer to design a perfect costumes for themselves in the big Boutiques located in the big metro cities like New Delhi, Calcutta and Mumbai.

Golden wires are used to weave sarees and gold brocades are used to adorn the kurta. Lot of Indians has traditional wedding attire which they wear while the knot is getting to tie. Trousseau collection is also being promoted by designers who craft exclusive collection for film stars and millionaires. There are accessories that compliment these gorgeous attires like safas, jutis, batua and of course some heavy gold and diamond jewelry.

Duplication of culture has made lehenga choli very famous and they are preferred these days over sarees. Indian Men have a choice over jodhpuri suits, kurta payajamas and sherwanis. Overall every one can pick his or her Indian wedding clothes according to how rich they are in the society.