Best Fiat Cars in India 2013

Fiat cars are being popular in India because it is compatible for driving toughly on roads with its additional functions. Fiat cars have covered the market this year and 2013 can be said lucky for Fiat cars. Every Fiat car has something new and it makes the driving experience little more comfortable and exciting. First Fiat car was launched in the year 2001 and the market ratio of this car is increasing every year. Let’s take a look at the best Fiat cars in India 2013 and see the facilities and functionalities of Fiat cars range.

Fiat 500: This car reflects the Italian common man living and it was re launched in the year 2008 with new exciting feature under the brand Fiat. The previous car was simple and typically for general use but this new re launched model has so many additional functionality that makes it little different and special. It has refreshed new and stylish engine and the whole car styling is slightly changed but now the Fiat 500 looks great and it offer great features.

Fiat CarsFiat Linea: The car Sedan was re launched with so many additional functionalities and new model styling in the year 2008 under the brand of Fiat. The Linea word is Italian word which means a Line. Sedan was the very first car which was good in look but also the company launched amazing new features in it. The Blue&Me was a software designed by Microsoft company and it was basically to pair your Bluetooth phones in your car. This was amazing feature and additionally it allows you to play music thru it and you can control the music with the steering wheel! It is amazing and it became incredible when the Fiat Linea was launched!

Fiat Grande Punto: The Fiat Grande Punto was launched in the year 2009 and this car crossed all the market records of this brand. This car is still very famous and people prefer it in international markets and it seems to be the trump card of the Fiat Company. The Fiat Grande Plunto launching was delayed due to less market coverage in India. The company launched it in the start of the year 2010 when they were able to meet all the needs and demands of their customer in India. This time the functions were more facilitated and performance of this car is amazing like one can expect from international iconic car!

Fiat Palio Stile: This is one of the simplest yet impressive cars of Fiat brand and you will find so many additional functions in this car that will provide you comfort experience while driving. The promotion of Fiat Palio Stile was done along with the time when Bharat Stage – IV came in the existence and the preference ration of this car was greater than any other car!

Fiat Linea T-Jet: This is not just a car, it is a big project of this company and this project is especially based on quick and facilitated experience of a driving person. This car seems like the Fiat Linea car but the increased performance and out right functionalities makes this car a unique and impressive one. This car has so many features that will allow you to compete with other costly cars and the Fiat Linea T-Jet would be winner in the performance and quickness of works. It has the power that will provide you unimaginable performance and speed with the normal fuel uses! This is really amazing which makes this car much more different and powerful then other series.