Best Time to Visit Gods Own Country: Kerala

India is a country where you would find that culture and beauty goes hand in hand, rather it would be better to say that the culture enhances the beauty of the country. You would find India to be a county of diversified culture, different states portrays its own culture. Here Kerala which is regionally known as Keralam is located on the Malabar Coast in the southwest region of India.

Kerala is easily accessible by rail and road from all parts of the country and through air from different parts of the world. You would find that the best time to visit Kerala starts from the month of March and lasts till the month of September.

Kerala with its lush green surrounding would just fresh you up and you would feel void of any kind of tiredness what so ever. Kerala is mostly known for its back waters and beaches but if you think that it is all that Kerala has got then you are absolutely wrong. Kerala is more than the backwaters and beaches, it has a plenty of hill stations which you would find awesome.

The mountains provide comfort from heat and sweaty weather of the sea. The best time to visit Kerala hill stations are simply any time throughout the year.


You can easily trek though the mountains of Kerala in summer or winter, you can enjoy rainy season in the lush green mountains of Kerala. Kerala is full of flora and fauna which are quite attractive and some of them are quite rare too. Kerala is also famous for its spices. You would find a plenty of plantations growing different types of spices and tea.

The state is also home for many animals in their well known wild life sanctuaries. Kerala also has some amazing waterfalls of India. These water falls, lush green surroundings give you quite a romantic flavor. Now we take look at the most famous backwaters of Kerala, it gives you a life time experience to be in the boats and go through the back waters of this state.

As you find Kerala to be situated in the tropical region so the climate of this state remains pleasant throughout the year. if you are thinking of visiting this state from September onwards then you would get some sudden showers of rain so it would be better if you carry your umbrellas and raincoats with you, so this time might not be considered as the best time to visit Kerala.

Usually the climate of Kerala is hot and humid mainly near the coasts due to its location so you would feel quite comfortable in cotton clothes, do not forget to carry hats, sunglasses and sunscreen lotions if you do not want to get tanned.

Your holidays that you would spend in Kerala would be memorable because of its virgin mountains, amazing landscapes, tranquil environments and beaches. It not only freshen ups your mind but it also freshens up your soul. The aromatic spices and colorful culture is readily welcomes you with open hands.