Career in Indian Air Force

The officers of the Indian Air Force are responsible for the air defense of the country. The most important task of Indian Air Force officers is of flying combat air craft’s and helicopters. Some of the other important works of Indian Air Force include technical work such as aeronautical engineering, electronic and computer engineering, as well as administrative, financial and planning duties.

The Indian Air force is divided into three main branches which are the Flying branch, the Technical branch and the Air Traffic control Officer.

Flying branch is the most important branch of the Indian Air Force. It includes fighter pilots who fly combat or fighter planes carrying ammunition and missiles. Transport pilots are also in the flying branch and they fly planes carrying men and material. Helicopter pilots who provide air support to a moving army or are used for Para-dropping men and supplies are also a part of this branch. Flying branch of the Indian Air Force also includes navigators who fly along with the pilot and guide the aircraft using the latest avionic equipment.

Indian Air ForceThe second branch of the Indian Air force is the technical branch that consists of all the engineering sections responsible for the engineering equipment and weapons systems of the air force. Aeronautical engineers are included in this branch. They are responsible for the proper maintenance of all aircrafts. Engineers in the electronic department handle the electronic and communication equipment in aircraft.

Air Traffic Control Officer is the third and the last branch of the Indian Air Force. It provides control and advisory services to enable the pilot, conduct flights in total safety. The Fighter Controller monitors the sky for any potential threat. If it finds any threat, it selects the appropriate air defense system using modern electronic equipment and intercepts those threats. The logistics Officer is responsible for provisioning the aircraft with spares, fuel and armaments. Meteorological branch officers are kept engaged in conducting scientific research on the prevailing weather and atmospheric conditions. There are also some other branches of Indian Air Force like administration, education and accounts.