Career in Indian Army – For A Challenging Future

The Indian Army is the most important defense system of the country. It defends the territorial integrity of the country against all external as well as internal threats. If you are planning for a career in this field let me tell you that it is a challenging one and you will have to face a much challenging future ahead.

You need to be bold, perfectly fit in physique and should bear a willingness to start with this career as there is no looking back once you have started with it.

The officers of this army have to work hard day and night so as to protect the prestige of the country. Their life is a real struggle and they really work hard during war time. The officers of the Indian Army also provide aids to the civil authorities during natural calamities. The Indian Army maintains law and order within the country whenever the situation goes out of control.

Indian ArmyThe army is divided into various corps and is structured according to the duties assigned to them. These corps is further categorized into the combat arms and the non combatant areas. The infantry, the artillery and the armored corps are included in the combat arms.

The infantry consists of soldiers trained, armed, and equipped to fight on foot. These soldiers are trained to capture the territory and hold it.  Mechanized infantry units are equipped with armored personnel carriers that can keep pace with tanks during war.

The non combatant areas also include many branches. Engineers look and carry out all technical activities. These activities include setting up of bridges, building the roads as well as laying minefields and clearing mines. There is signals corps that provides communication during war and even during peace. Electrical mechanical engineers are responsible for the maintenance and serviceability of all vehicles and even equipments that include guns, radars, helicopters and others that are required.

The intelligence corps is used to provide battlefield intelligence from both domestic and external sources. Army medical corps is responsible for providing medical facilities to all army personnel through various hospitals and field ambulances.

The remount veterinary corps looks after the breeding of horses, mules, dogs, etc. for the army and is also responsible for handling the veterinary needs of animals.