Career in Indian Navy

The Indian Navy is one of the most important and challenging forces in Indian Army. This force of India is responsible for defending the extensive coastline of the country during the time of war or aggression. Indian Navy also safeguards maritime interests of the country such as off-shore oil and gas installations, coastal shipping and fishery rights. Protection of the vital trade links is also under Indian Navy.

There are four main branches of Indian Navy through which the force conduct its operations. These branches are Executive Branch; Marine Engineering Branch, Electrical Engineering Branch and Education Branch. Executive Branch is responsible for managing the navy’s warships and submarines as instruments of tactical warfare.

This branch also deals with navigation, communication, ammunition and logistics. The Marine Engineering Branch is responsible for the maintenance and service of engineering equipment and propulsion systems on board the ships.

Indian NavyThis branch of Indian Navy includes Naval architects who design and construct warships and submarines. The third branch of Indian Navy which is the Electrical Engineering Branch deals with the maintenance and upkeep of all electrical and electronic systems that include weapon systems, missiles, radar, and radio communication systems.

The Education Branch of the Indian Navy helps the officers and other men in updating their technical knowledge and raises their academic levels. Officers in this branch have the opportunity to specialize in meteorology and oceanography.