Career Of Chartered Accountants In India

In today’s world there are many jobs available in different sectors like IT, Mechanical, Medicine, Accounts & Finance etc., There was a period where IT professionals and doctors were the most sought after and respected group of professional people. But the reality came into light once the IT professionals got hit badly due to recession resulting in lay-offs.

People started to think and join different courses from the lessons they learnt. People started joining a new course called CA – Chartered Accountancy Course which is already there but many avoided it because of the misconception is it difficult to do, many lost their career because they are unable to pass exams etc., But in reality Chartered Accountant Course and Career is a boon for many people.

Career Of Chartered Accountants In IndiaWhy should one choose Chartered Accountancy course?

The Chartered Accountancy Course is designed and framed by the (ICAI) Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The main and valid point is one need not spend lakhs of rupees to study this course. One has to spend around Rs.35000 to Rs. 40000 for the entire four year course (This does not include private tuition fees).

Infact, the students get the money they pay as fees in the form of stipend from chartered accountants under whom they undergo practical training. Practically speaking, students can study this course by spending Rupees Zero. Last but not least, never join CA course if one does not have the will power and interest to succeed, learn and clear CA exams.

Qualities of a chartered accountant

Generally CA’s are good at numerical and analytical skills. Good interpretation skills of financial statements. Good presence and logical approach. Good financial analysis, leadership skills combined with both soft and interpersonal skills  are mandatory. All these above qualities are needed to execute the order and get it done properly.

Chartered Accountant career options

Upon successful completion of the CA course, CA can opt for employment or one can start his/her practice. Employment opportunities for CA’s are great both in India or Abroad.

Different Career Options


If one is a rank holder, one can start his own private CA coaching class institute apart from practice. Rank holder can attract many students to join the institute for learning. It is a lucrative opportunity.

They can work in different positions depending on the field they specialize like finance and accounting, auditing, income tax etc.

Finance Controller/CFO:

Role of Finance Officer is the maintenance of financial statements, interpretation, supervising and control of expenses and income, payroll processing, internal control etc.

Career in the field of taxation and auditing:

One can become the head of tax department of an organization. His nature of work is related to reduce the income tax payment by following the different provisions and other indirect taxes like sales tax, vat, central and excise tax etc.

One can take up the position of an internal auditor of the company and rectify the mistakes committed in the financial statements.

One can start a consultancy firm and can have a tie up with cost accountants, company secretaries and take up different projects and improve their horizon.

The above list of career options is not conclusive. Globalisation and liberalisation has opened new avenues for Chartered Accountants throughout the world. There is no doubt in that . Have an ever-blooming Chartered Accountant career.


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