Career of Writers and Editors

Writers and editors were reputed people and were given much respect in our world in the recent past. Unfortunately, today they are not given so much importance as they should get.

They can be divided into three categories that are writers, editors and Technical writers. Writers produce content for print where as editors evaluate and select these content for publication. The work of technical writers is to produce materials such as instruction manuals and software documentation.

Today most of the writers and editors have some basic familiarity with technology, regularly using personal computers, desktop or electronic publishing systems, scanners, and other electronic communications equipment. Some of the writers also prepare material directly for the Internet.

WritersThey write for electronic newspapers or magazines, create short fiction or poetry and even produce technical documentation that is available only online.

Also, some writer writes text for websites. These writers have knowledge about graphic design, page layout, and multimedia software.

In addition, it is also important that they should be familiar with interactive technologies of the Web so that they can blend text, graphics and sound together in order to get best result.

Jobs with major book publishers, magazines, broadcasting companies, advertising agencies, and public relation firms are concentrated in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

However, many writers work elsewhere and work hard and have to travel regularly to find a good job for themselves. Jobs related to newspapers, business and professional journals, and technical and trade magazines are more widely dispersed throughout the country.

There are also thousands of other individuals that work as freelance writers. They are earning some income from their articles, books, and, less commonly, television and movie scripts. Most of them have to support themselves with income derived from other sources. Writers and editors play important role in film making but they are not given any credit when you get a hit film.

Although, today there are many award functions held every year that have started giving importance and respect to our writers and editors but still there is lot more to do.