Different MBA entrance exams in India to choose from

MBA entrance exams in India are being conducted every year and around 1.5 lakh students are participating. Preparation method for MBA entrance exam may vary to each candidate on the basis of their personal education, work experience and the current exam settings. MBA aspirants have different profiles and are widely categorized into 3 levels – beginners, advanced and professionals.

CAT is the most important MBA entrance exams that often conduct in between October – November, and candidates from the above groups appear. The preparation for MBA entrance exams in India does not have a one-size-fits-all method. Preparation for CAT exam varies depending on the 3 groups.


Beginner candidate

Beginner candidates would be a fresh, out of college graduate or may be completing his/her final year in college. They should start by comprehending the fundamentals of the CAT pattern and also choose a full time course that can help him/her to prepare fully and satisfactorily for the MBA entrance exams in India.

Advanced candidates

This category of students might have already prepared for CAT before and are completely understood with the exam pattern as well. They just need to participate in the mock tests, review and analyze their preparation.

Professional candidates

Professionals may be employed full time and don’t get time for thorough preparation and planning for CAT exam. However, with an organized and precise approach, they can prepare and plan for the exam without affecting their job.

Distance MBA courses

There are many distance courses and CAT coaching institutes in India that help candidates of the 3 categories to prepare well for the entrance exam. Many renowned institutes’ offer classroom learning and web based courses in India to cater to the different needs of students. Online classes also conduct mock tests to help students comprehend the CAT pattern. Students are advised to check out the facilities offered by the institutes such as teaching and analysis methodology, infrastructure and coaching techniques.

Self-study methods

Self-study methods are useful for professional and advanced candidates for the preparation of the entrance exam. However, it is essential understand the pattern of CAT as well as equip oneself with exact study materials and guidebooks to become successful.

Web based MBA programs in India

When MBA in India is concerned, web based programs and coaching classes are getting more popular these days. The major benefit of these programs is that students can understand changes in CAT exam pattern and also prepare for mock tests from their own home. Both mock tests and coaching is conducted over the online platform.

Choose the best MBA programs in India

Since there are many online MBA coaching classes and distance courses in India, you may find it difficult to choose the best and effective one from the bunch. Make a thorough research about all available options, contact former students of an institute and check out facilities offered in the institutes to get a clear picture about the rate of success guaranteed by the programs.