Discovering The Best Hot-Wheeled Honda Cars In India

Honda’s India chain has become the country’s fourth largest four-wheeler manufacturer by sales. Riding on the rapturous success of its latest entry, the sedan Amaze, the company has reported its highest ever monthly collection. The car grossed 6,036 units in a single month. The company sold 11, 342 cars in May 2013 alone.

The figures are much ahead of market competitors and others of its alike. The primary reason behind the resounding success of the company’s first diesel car in India is that the vehicle directly competes with the most profitable and best-selling counterpart within the super compact fold.

Honda Cars

  • Honda Brio and Honda Amaze

Honda has been one of the leading four-wheeler manufacturers in this country since 1995. The company has a propensity to entail the latest technology and technical novelty to Indian customers. The Honda Brio and Amaze assures reliability, quality, fuel efficiency and durability. The engines are robust and potent. These cars are the best petrol driven five seat vehicles which fall below the five lakhs. The mileage parameters touch 15 km/PL and exceed the standard level. You have a 1000cc-2000cc engine displacement capacity with air bags, power steering and keyless entry. The remote fuel lid openers and ABS units ameliorate the technical ambit.

  • Honda City

The Honda city is perhaps one of the efficient and successful cars to grace Indian roads. The cars come in stunning colors and shades. You also have different models in this fold like the Honda City Corporate, S, E, V MT and V AT. You also have the V MT Sunroof, V AT sunroof, city diesel and other models. The car entails five different generations pertaining to differing production precedents. The first generation was a subcompact vehicle while the third generation entailed a fuel-injected SOHC engine with 16 valve D-series precedents. The fifth generation city cars continue to rule the market. The specification levels and engine precedents depend on various market conditions/movements.

  • Honda New Accord

This car is acclaimed for its quadruple sedan variations. You can find many car body patterns and versions. The car entails a total of nine generations, which have a host up-market offerings as well. Certain models have undergone facelifts and upgrading. The present version entails three power trains. The hybrid plug-in is a scintillating feature of Accord.

  • Honda CR-V

This car is designed mainly for on-road use. It’s easy and comfortable to drive as a cozy family hatchback. There is adequate interior space. The boot is just immense. The performance, handling, ride and refinement parameters suit Indian roads. The suspension is pretty good at soaking up large bumps. You can have a good grip.

  • Honda Brio Sedan

This comes as a great augmentation of sedan cars. It shuns threadbare perceptions that Honda makes cars for older people. This car entails wheeled weapons and gives you that added suavity, which resembles Bond precedents. The age-seeking warhead caters to all and sundry. Magnetically calibrated to lure youngsters, the new four-door variant is a feather on the cap.

User-efficiency, on-road efficacy and fuel economy are the most remarkable traits of a Honda car. It is all the more conspicuous when you consider a typically topsy-turvy Indian market and Indian roads. The syncopation is that spot on.