Golconda at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Golconda is a town in Hyderabad, which is in Central Part of India. Golconda is recognized for its diamond. The famous Koh-I-Noor diamond and Hope diamond was said to be cut from gemstones found here. Golconda is built on hill, which is composed of granites.

This stood as high as 91m. This fort was first built by a Hindu King on finding of an Idol by a shepherd boy.

Later this place was built by three kings of Qutb Shahi Kings. The builders built this place with great sense of architecture, with having concentrated on sound.

This fort is built such way that if hands are clapped at the fort gate or portico, the sound could be heard at the top of the palacefort. Golconda has a secured chamber with vault which was used to diamonds.

The Forts of Golconda

Monuments in India were not only built for religious and historical events to traced, but also these were built for defending various situations like battles and natural calamities. Golconda is one of the forts which were built with battlements also known as crenellation.

This is defensive architecture. This fort is with a battlement which has cut-outs at some portions of the wall to attack the enemies with arrows or cannon balls to keep the attackers at a distance. The city surrounded with walls was used as a trading center for diamonds and Gems. All most, all of the diamonds were from the mines in Golconda. Golconda fort has wonderful and fabulous hand work and gardens.

The fort is surrounded with 10 Km wall with semicircular bastions, used to be mounted with cannons and some bastions are still found to be cannons. This monument was built with temples, mosque, stables, royal apartments and halls with highly decorated hand work.

Monuments in India can be categorized into two as before 1000 AD and after 1000 AD, again sub-categorized into four according to their geographical location, like North, South, Deccan and East.

There many monuments which were built with the best architecture and technology before 1000 AD, which is still a mystery, how those ancient architects were able to do. This shows one of the best architectural methods were used without any modern devices. This is one of the Monuments in India that everyone should visit.