Government Jobs in India

Word of the wise is that, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. When the context is government jobs in India or ‘Sarkari Naukri’, in common parlance, this saying fits like a glove. Government jobs appeal to the masses because of the job security they offer, be it in banks, railways, insurance companies, schools, colleges or hospitals.

The government sector operates on service motive rather than profit motive, which, governs the private sector. Hence jobs in the private sector can be high-end and high paying, but they might lack the compassionate approach and job security of government jobs.

Government Jobs in IndiaWhy are government jobs better

When it comes to government jobs in India, there is a stringent entrance procedure in place. Since government jobs offer a safe and secured income along with other perks and benefits like, H.R.A., travel allowance, city allowance, medical benefits (for both the employee and his/her family members), entertainment allowance, leave encashment, loans at subsidised rates, cost of petrol etc.

‘Sarkari Naukri’, hence, has a lot of takers because of the benefits and perquisites mentioned. It is known that the Indian economy is a mixed economy, wherein the characteristics of both capitalistic and socialistic economy are present.

White collar v/s no collar

Even the young executives of today are opening up to the option of venturing into the government sector. Where everything is uncertain about life and existence, it is good to know that there is at least something certain and fixed, that is, a job. But, contrary to this picture, are individuals who still have their hearts and eyes set on that white-collar job, which enables them to earn more and spend more, but with no job security.

When selecting candidates for the government sector, emphasis is laid on the knowledge of the candidates about the concern, and the product or service with which they are going to be associated.

The picture is a little different when it comes to the private sector or private jobs. The emphasis in this case is laid more on looks, personality, and communication skills etc.

Sometimes, you can be angry when you walk into a bank or an insurance company or a hospital and find that there is no one to take care of your complaints, you might hang your head in shame and announce that this is how the government sector works, but, at the end of the day, when you are sure that your money is safe in a government bank, and your government insurance company will settle your claims without any hassles or the doctor at the government hospital will not overcharge you, you might want to say, “Mera Bharat Mahan”.