Guide To Executive MBA Program In India

When you have a dream to reach at the top, you require taking the steps strategically. Academic excellence can fetch you the right direction for your career goal.

Taking an MBA will give you a top-notch opportunity that enhances and improvise your existing skills. Not everyone can be a matter of intellectual transformation. This is realized by exhibiting qualitative leadership. Executive MBA program is a definite and admired degree you get amongst various skill development courses in the country.

MBA Program In IndiaAreas of Subject Expertise

An executive MBA program is ideal for working professionals. 1 year executive MBA in India is offered in various managerial subject that are not limited to:

Human Resource: People management is an art. You can learn about various benchmarking practices of HR like Industrial Relations, Training & Development, Payroll & Compensation. Learning these HR practices gains confidence to effectively control the HR operations in an organization.

Finance & Accounts: Finance is the life-blood of any concern. Effective working capital management, strategic financial planning, budgeting, corporate restructuring are few areas to excel with your quantitative skills in handling Finance operations.

Entrepreneurship: Many of us have an urge to be our own boss. Being capable of developing confidence and risk averse it is wise to get academic input in applying strategies that can bring business. Things you need to know before starting a venture, how to find seed assistance, ways to manage and organize fund, people, marketing etc are mastered through this specialization.

Types of executive MBAs in India

There are many institutes to offer with 1 year Executive MBA in India. Once being restricted as a residential program, today executive MBA in India can be pursued online. You can avail credit by attending training, online webinars, lectures; download the lecture notes and learn at your own pace. When technology rules in this era, you get an option to utilize the virtual resource to its maximum.

There are full-time and part-time executive MBA programs which is offered by country’s reputed B-Schools. There are several colleges and deemed universities in India that offer specialized areas of management development courses. A regular executive MBA program is for one year and the course duration for part-time or distance-learning mode will be two-three years. The key advantages that you get by pursuing Executive MBA enriches your knowledge in business management, keep engaged into your work profession, higher remuneration and promotion, enhances professional networking.

List of top ranked institutes

Search for top ranked b-schools to learn executive MBA in India. The premier Indian Institute of Management (IIM) at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Lucknow, Calcutta, and various other cities can be seen competing with each other offering its custom skill development executive management programs. Other institutes offering 1 year executive MBA in India are:

Ensure that you are an intangible intellectual asset for your organization with an Executive MBA degree in hand.