Holi Festival of Colors and Joy

Holi is one of the famous Festivals in India. This festival is partied primarily in Northern Part of India. As Deepavali is festival of Light, Holi is festival of Colors. Colorful celebration with colored water and “Bhang” is most catching of this festival. Though now many of the Indians have started to celebrate this festival though out India recently, it would be necessary to know why this festival is celebrated in India. Let’s see little about the history of this festival.

A demon king named Hiranyakshipu was granted immortal boon, which led him to have a life, where he cannot be killed nature or by other form which was granted to him by Lord Brahma, due to his penance for him. Therefore the King Hiranyakshipu started to torture innocent people and forced the people to worship him as God. But his own son Prahlada, who was a devotee to Lord Vishnu, denied worshiping him. This made the king to go in rage and tried to kill his own son Prahlada.

Holi Festival

But Prahlada escaped every time as he was great devotee of the lord Vishnu. An Idea struck the king and made his son to sit on his own demon sister’s lap with fire burning under them. In this the king’s sister Holika died, but Prahlada did not die, due the miracles of Lord Vishnu. This occasion was celebrated as Holi. However there are many other versions for this festival as per the religious leaders.

Festivals in India are celebrated with significant difference according to their time and culture. Holi is celebrated by spraying color water with spray pumps, in older days bamboo springs was used to spray water. Color powders are also used to enjoy this festival by applying on making others face with colored powder. Catalytic powders are used instead of natural colors which brings medical issues. Holi is also partied in other fragments of the world.

Countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal and Fiji also celebrate Holi. They have accumulated Holi has part of their life with different historical reason. Nepal has national holiday for Holi. Festivals in India has a unique reason to celebrate, however each festival unites the divided to one.