How to Prepare Indian Chili Chicken

Myriad are the ways to prepare delicious chicken recipe. A chicken dish conforming to healthy Indian recipes standards can be prepared from ingredients available locally.

Indian Chili Chicken

  • Ingredients needed : Boneless chicken about a kilogram, half teaspoonful red chili powder, quarter teaspoonful turmeric powder ¬†plus white and black pepper, yogurt half cup, one tablespoonful soy sauce, corn flour; one each of tomato, onion, some garlic, ginger, chili and cooking oil two tablespoonful.
  • Next, a mixture of chili and turmeric powder with yogurt, corn flour, cooking oil and soya sauce is to be made. The chicken with the soy sauce homogeneously spread on it is to be marinated for half an hour in the mixture.
  • The tomato, onion, ginger and garlic are to be chopped in tiny pieces and applied on chicken. Subsequently, the chicken is to be allowed to sit for half an hour more.
  • The green chilies are to be thinly sliced and fried in lukewarm heat.¬† The chilies are to be sprinkled on with pepper and caution is to be taken not to over fry them.
  • The chicken and the marinade are to be added now. The mixture is to be stirred periodically to save it from getting insipid due to burning.
  • The gravy is to be prepared when the chicken is half cooked. The corn flour dissolved in water is to be mixed with soy sauce and poured on chicken. The gravy is to be thickened by adding two to three cups of water. The heat is to be kept at high and the mixture is to be boiled with stirring to avoid formation of lumps.
  • The whole thing is to be left now for simmering for 10 minutes in low heat. Supervise it to avoid drying of sauce.

Serve the chicken soup hot garnished with green chili and chopped coriander.