India: A Place of Rich Heritage and Culture

Indian’s cultural diversity, rich heritage and social values are a colorful amalgam of its traditional past and contemporary beliefs. This vast country offers a brief glimpse of ancient religions, outdated practices, fascinating rituals, 438 living languages, aesthetic monuments, diverse arts and scrumptious cuisines. As this Vedic country opens up to the globalised world, it holds on to a deep mystery, which most tourists and inhabitants are still unfamiliar with.

Fancy a trip to the land of many Gods? Hop on! We’re going to take a quick peek into its glorious past and tourist attractions.

Heritage and CultureHeritage Sites:

Be it titillating sculptures of the Mogul period, delicate marble engravings of the TajMahal, fascinating fusion of science, architecture and art as evident in the Konark Sun Temple or the exquisite construction of the HawaMahal (Palace of the Winds), Indian heritage sites perfectly portray architectural genius of the engineers.

As one goes back into the time, the mesmerizing architecture of Indian heritage sites comes alive with vibrant colours and appealing fragrances. The ingenuity of the craftsmen is apparent in structures like Victoria Memorial, Mysore Palace and Charminar. Phantoms of the past are still breathing in its glorious palaces, lofty temples, majestic tombs fringed in each individual corner of this multifaceted land.

The splendid architecture of QutubMinar, beautiful corners of the Lake Palace, embellished facades of Golden Temple and minutely carved motifs of VidhanaSoudha (Legislative Building) narrate the advanced skills of ancient craftsmen. All these sites have lure tourists from all the four corners of the world.

Arts & Rituals:

Since last few centuries, migrants from various nations have enhanced the cultural diversity of this nation. When they visit India, they bring their respective cultures along with them and mix these up to give birth to an innovative custom.

Whether you talk about wall paintings or murals that first originated in the pre-historic age on cave walls of Ajanta and Ellora or Kalankari and Tanjavoor drawing forms that are present in the Vidharba temple, Indian arts continue to inspire society, politics and economy of this progressive nature.

If you get sufficient time to tour across different states, don’t forget to visit various clubs, art galleries and theatres scattered all over the country. Indian theatre, movies, dance forms like Kathakali, Bharatnatyam, Kathak and Odhisi, classical instruments like sitar, veena, sarangi and dhol or impressive forms of music such as Thumri, Gazal, Qawwali, Carnatic and Tarana have evolved along with ancient rituals, miscellaneous seasons and different classes.

Natural Hotspots:

When you’re tired of travelling and need a break from the daily hustle-bustle of the metropolises, find retreat in the tranquil environment of the Sundarbans, coastal beauty of the Western ghats, sandy beaches of the Deccan Peninsula and tropical rainforests perched on the eastern hills or simply book your stay on the moving houseboats of Kashmir and experience the feel of true Heaven on earth.

Stunning Cities & Scrumptious Cuisines:

Enjoy scrumptious dishes– MalaiKofta, Samosa, Dosa, PaneerPasanda or Rajma and rice on your visit to popular hill stations like Manali, Shimla, Ranikhet and Ooti. Groove to the beats of wild music on seaside lounges and high-end clubs in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Jaipur and Bangalore or simply enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature as you seek refuge in Munnar, Kerala, Darjeeling and Hyderabad.

As you sit by the fireside and pack your bags, remember to revisit India to experience its splendor and magic yet again. Don’t forget to bring your driving licences and other ID proofs. You might need them for car rentals or for verification purpose.