India Before 1947

Today India is a modern and developing country. It is a country which has always been famous for its culture and ancient civilization. It is said that human life in India was first found during stone age. Paintings at Bhimbetka in Madhya Pradesh proves the life during stone age.

It was over 9000 years age, when the first permanent settlement appeared in India and it developed into the Indus Valley Civilization which is till now known for its advanced urban features. The superior civil drainage system of this age was the best scientific accomplishments and was followed by the Vedic Civilization.


India Before 1947

All About India and Hinduism

According to the Hindu Mythology, the land of India at that period was referred to as Bharatavarsha and it was Vedic Civilization which laid the foundation of Hinduism in India. During this period many independent kingdoms and republics spread all over the country and this resulted in the complex religious culture in India. This was the same time when Jainism and Buddhism took birth in the country.

All About India and Emperors Who Ruled

India is a country which was ruled by many emperors during early ages and several dynasties flourished under the patronage of these kings. When the Gupta Dynasty came into power during the third century, the period got better for the people living in the country and it was referred to as the Golden Age of ancient India.

Mughals and Marathas entered north India and gradually expanded their reign throughout the country. Many European invades arrived India as traders and later established colonies in the country. India came under the control of British East India Company by 1856 which had its capital at Calcutta. Later after the First War of India Independence, India came under the direct control of the British Monarch.

All About India and British Rule

British ruled India for many years till twentieth century. After this big English rule in the country, the Indian National Congress launched a struggle for independence throughout the nation. Many Indian leaders started mass campaigns and fought this struggle through ahimsa and total non violence.

Gandhi lead Indians in the Dandi Salt March while others including Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Sardar Patel, Jawaharlal Nehru and many more revolted demanding Britishers to quit India. India gained independence in 1947 but this independence resulted in forming Pakistan with the Muslim Majority separated from India and had their own land.

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