India Calling Cards: Home Is Just A Buzz Away

It is said that distance makes the heart grow fonder, but in today’s world thanks to internet and mobile phones, no can actually say that the afore mentioned statement is valid. Many of us travel abroad for work or pleasure and it is very natural for us to feel lonely or detached. Who should come to our rescue now but calling cards? I am sure the term calling cards is not new in our vocabulary, but the concept is still unknown to some. Indians are doing well abroad and when they leave their families and loved ones and go abroad India calling cards come to their rescue.

India Calling CardsValue- stored cards: Origin and advent

Value stored cards are the equivalent to ATM cards that we are so comfortable carrying. These cards carry value in them which can be read by the public phone machine. Earlier these cards used to carry a magnetic strip to carry the information.

But with the advent of technology these cards have been replaced by optical phone cards, which are nothing but phone cards with optical structures implanted in them. Such cards are generally rechargeable, with the flexibility to pay in arrears. Much like our mobile cards, additional value can be topped up for later use.

Generally to make a call, the caller has to make two calls to connect to the telephone number of the calling card plays out pretty much like any other dialing system.

The person making the call, has to make two calls, once he/she is connected to the access number, it is identified by a specific Pin, or by the information stored in the magnetic strip of the card. After this, the remaining balance is said to the customer who can press a desired number. After which he carry on the call for the allotted minutes or till the balance runs out.

Virtual Phone cards: A new beginning

With the development of World Wide Web, all kinds of calling cards, including India calling cards, have undergone a sea change. There are now virtual calling cards which do not require a PIN and customers can easily buy them on the internet using their debit or credit cards, which are then e-mailed to them.

Such cards are known as virtual phone cards or calling cards. If you are not logged into the internet and still want a calling card, you can get one in any post office, retail store or corner stores. India calling cards are easily available all over the world, because wherever you go you can always find a little bit around you.

For some a calling card would be a drab piece of technology, but it can be made interesting. In fact, some brains have come up with the idea to make the phone card an artifact or a collectible. Be it India calling cards or some other card, it can be transformed by adding advertisements, artwork, celebrity pictures and photography.

Call it quirky or not, it can definitely uplift your mood if you are missing your family and friends abroad. It has been noted to be a hobby with most people who love to collect such calling cards. If only Andy Warhol were alive, he would have definitely revolutionized this concept and turned it into pop-art.