Indian Bangle And Bracelets – A Great Charm for Ladies

Since times immemorial Indian bangles have adorned the hands of woman. No attire is complete without bangles. In the rural areas we still find people hosting traditional fairs where glass bangles are much sought after.

Amidst the hustle bustle of the fair the tinkling sound of bangles reverberates all around. Indian bangles are made from different material in different forms and style to suit various purposes. To site an example, heavy bangles with intricate designs are meant for marriage ceremonies while light and elegant designs are preferable for daily use.

Traditional designs are taken over by fresh and fashionable trends which is increasing the craze or demands for bangles. In the list of Indian bangles most women prefer either gold or glass. Indian bangles or Indian bangle bracelets are made from various materials.

Indian BangleTo name a few, gold, silver, copper, bronze, platinum, shell and plastic. Nowadays plastic bangles have emerged in various fashionable trends and it is slowly replacing glass bangles. But glass bangles have its own significance in various parts of the Indian continent.

It is customary of an Indian married woman to wear bangles around their wrists. Often worn in pairs, it signifies the well being of their Husband. It has a sentimental value and signifies womanhood. The colour of Indian bangles holds different meanings in different cultures.

Indian bracelets are mostly worn during wedding ceremonies. These are usually made of gold. Indian bangle bracelets are not only restricted to heavy designs but in recent times it has emerged in light weight trendy designs.

While speaking of bangles and bracelets it would not be right to stick to a woman’s traditional attire only. Bangles and bracelets are also worn by men. In various parts of India it is customary of a man to wear bangles or bracelets. In the state of Punjab men wear a thick bangle called the “Karah”. These are mostly made of steel, gold or copper. In India sometimes an individual is advised to wear a bangle made of bronze, steel and copper basically to maintain good health or to balance a particular astrological anomaly.