Indian Delicacies Food and Recipes are World Renowned

There are many restaurants all around the world which are influenced from North Indian foods. There are also many Indian chefs who work in these North Indian Delicacies cuisine restaurants. These restaurants can create a fusion of cuisines. In the north Indian dishes, chefs use dairy products very highly.

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North Indian Delicacies

Mainly in north Indian dishes, chefs use dairy products like milk, ghee, yoghurt and paneer. These are very common ingredients which are used in the North Indian Delicacies. They prepare gravies with some dairy products. There are also some very ingredients except than dairy products are chilies, nuts and saffron.

North Indian dishes actually influenced from Mughals. It brings meat eating habits in many people of north India. There are various kinds of flours which are used for making various kinds of breads like rotis, puris, naan, chapathis, and phulakas. North Indians generally use tawa to cook flat breads like paratha, tandoor, naan, kulcha and roti.

North Indians eat kulcha and naan with the main courses such as tandoori chicken. They cook bhatoora and puri in fried oil. Lamb and goat meats are also favored by many north Indians. One of the popular North Indian Delicacies is samosa which is a snack and also found outside India like central Asia, Britain, Middle East and North America.

There is also common variety of food like mashed, boiled and fried potatoes. Minced meat, mushroom, chick pea and cheese are also popularly used in north India. North Indians has some staple food like vegetables, rotis and lentils.

Temptation Of South Indian Delicacies

There are many delicacies of south India which are very famous all over the world. The South Indian Delicacies are always the temptation of the whole India. The foods like Idlies, Dosas, Uttapam, Rasam, chutneys, Sambhar and Pickels are very famous in south India. There are many varieties of rice dishes are also found.

In south India, there are many mouthwatering deserts are found. There are many ingredients which give different tastes to different items if they are used differently in the South Indian Delicacies. There is a famous curry named arhar dal which is made from lentil with mustard seeds and curry leaves in south India.

In north India, the same dal is made with cumin seeds. The most delicacies of south India is made from lentils and rice based. Many families of south India make these foods in daily life. They also make them in festivals. The south Indian recipes are going on from generations.

South Indian chefs are also said as exceptional and enthusiastic cooks. The cuisine of south India’s are basically rice based. People of south India combine lentils with rice for making wonderful idlis, uttapams, dosas, and vadas. There are many delicious and glorious items which are digestible and delicious.

The rice preparations are the masterpieces such as lemon rice and Biryani of Hyderabad. They also prepare rice dishes with peanuts, chilies, urad dal, coconut, tamarind, fenugreek seeds and curry leaves. They also use coconut water directly from the nut and also common beverage of south India.