10 Indian Foods and Recipes for Weight Loss You Will Love To Have

Obesity is a disease which can have a grave impact on one’s outlook. It is a global problem, and people suffering from it are highly ridiculed in their circles.

The weight of the body is the thing that needs to be properly maintained. If you are overweight then it is a thing of concern and you need to find ways to get out of this condition.

There are different ways that you can try out if it suits you. The loss of weight can be started with rigorous exercises for fitness or with a proper diet.

Indian recipes are always delightful and filled with healthy ingredients. The ancient flavors and knowledge of past generations helps make the Indian food exciting, nutritious and healthy.

Also the best part is that it is now made even more impressive for modern culture and society who seeks the modern flavored food.

Why Healthy Indian Food Recipes?

Indian food and recipes are surely a way to lead a healthy and prosperous life. Gone are the days when Indian people think that the healthy food is always dull and boring. But the modern woman today knows well how to prepare the healthiest food for their family by keeping the modern flavors loved by all.

Overweight is one such problem in India from which most of the women are suffering from. Not only women but also men and teenagers suffer from the problem of overweight and thus needs to rely on healthiest food that can help solve their problem by getting rid of excess weight.

There is uniqueness in Indian food. Its aroma and flavors when combined with healthy ingredients developed from the ancient knowledge results in the exciting food that is healthy and fat free. This is the reason why Indian food is now appreciated and admired throughout the world. More and more Indian restaurants are opening in different parts of world to taste the magic of India food and recipes.

Although Indian food is bit time consuming to prepare but the resulting nutritious and healthy food one get are superb. The right methods of preparation along with healthy ingredients any overweight person can solve the problem of overweight in few weeks. Thus consuming the right food prepared rightly for weight loss can be most advantageous.

Most of the time people across the world think that Indian food is hot, spicy, fatty, oily, etc. But that is not true for all the foods. With the right kind of diet and food recipes one can efficiently lose their weight.

Vegetarian recipes in India are considered as healthiest. Most of these are rich in antioxidants that are good for health. Along with all the proteins, carbohydrates and nutrition there are fat burning ingredients that are found in Indian food which makes the food healthy. This overrides the use of various fat burning pills for overweight people.

1- Salubrious Indian Detox Diets and Drinks

Detox Diets 1Detox diet is a purification therapy given by traditional Indian medicine system Ayurveda, known for providing nutritional, herbal and rejuvenation guidance.

Detox diets have six tastes namely sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent and a salubrious diet combining all can boost circulation, remove acidity, and clear the blood stream and lymph which will yield an energetic and happy temperament.

A detox diet yields result when it contains the pungent, bitter and astringent tastes prominently which cuts down the desire for sweet, sour or salty tastes.

Foods that create appetite and aid us during stress like bread etc are the guilty ones that makes the body feel full, self satisfied and toxic. If the craving for spicy or sweet foods rises again, try to soothe the appetite with yogic meditation rather than food.

Sour and sweet combination of grapevine and honey should be taken as breakfast to mark the start of the day.

Escarole, endive like bitter vegetables in combination with pungent and astringent counterpart should be taken in lunch.

Rice and protein rich beans added to them will make a salubrious detox diet.

Toxic flushing from the body can become an all day process by consuming hot water or tea that detoxifies, as suggested by experts of Ayurveda.

A plain hot water devoid of lemon, honey etc may bring about optimum cleansing of pores and hydration. A detoxifying tea can be prepared by simple recipe as given below:

  • Cummin seeds 1tbsp
  • One and half table spoon seeds of coriander
  • 1 stick of cinnamon
  • Brasil leaves 10 No.
  • Lemon juice squeezed in

Boil the ingredients for five minutes in a saucepan containing four cups of purified water and then steep for five minutes. In the steeping process, squeeze lemon juice and then strain into a cup to get utmost benefit.

2- Delicious Indian Salad Recipes For Great Health

One of the very famous health and fitness tips is the consumption of salads and fresh fruits everyday which should taken in a specified proportion.

All those who follow a diet with healthy food can easily live happily with health, wealth and sound mindedness by consuming fresh salads every day.

In a way to attain healthy lifestyles, individuals should start checking their calorie intake on everyday basis, but along with that if they incorporate salads in their daily meal, it will definitely multiply the positive effects on their body.

Indian cuisine is world famous for its spicy, colourful and delicious curries and rice, but there is much more to it in real. Authentic salads are also a forte of Indian cooking style.

Similar to western salad recipes and cuisine as well incorporates raw fresh vegetables and fruits to create delicious masterpieces. Healthy Indian recipes including boiled and roasted recipes as well can be modified to prepare healthy and tasty Indian salad recipes which are easy to prepare and delicious in taste too.

Indian salad recipes have salads like, potato salad, egg salad, and other spicy variants of cheese and cucumber salads. These Indian salad recipes are good for metabolism as they provide fibre to the body, which helps in retaining water content in the body to induce the digestion properly.

All those who like healthy Indian recipes are fond of Indian salad recipes particularly. This is due to the fact that it has minimalistic usage of Transfats in it which ultimately helps to get fit and achieve quick weight loss.

3- Salubrious Smoothies Recipes

A lovely and healthy smoothie that is enjoyed by both the kids and adult alike is commingled of recently harvested or frozen fruits like banana, berries or strawberries.  The scrumptious and salubrious smoothies are easy to prepare and acts as a healthy supplement to a nutritious diet or refreshment.

The forthcoming step wise instructions make you realize the ease with which the ingredients can be blended in various combination like replacing blueberries with strawberries that will yield healthy lifestyles.

salubrious SmoothiesA salubrious treat is just moments away which can be made just by putting to use the ingredients that are readily available to you or are stacked in the refrigerator. Customize according to your taste buds.

The below recipe can also be frozen into Popsicles for the kids to savor a salubrious snack. Add wings to your imagination.

Things required to prepare salubrious Smoothies:

  • 2 cups of unfermented fruit or marginally softened frozen fruit
  • 1 container of 6 ounce low fat vanilla or any flavored yoghurt
  • 1 cup juice of fruits like apple, orange etc
  • 1 tablespoon sugar or sweetener according to taste

Instructions to prepare Smoothies:

1.      An electric or other drink blender apparatus is to be used

2.      Pick up the fruit of your choice. Additionally, a combination of fruits can do too like using frozen berry mix commingled with banana and orange juice.

3.      Next, put the fruit, vanilla, juice and sweetener in the blender.

4.      Continue to blend until it gets smooth

5.      Serve instantly and enjoy this recipe for a healthy lifestyle.

4- Low Calorie Vegetable Curry

Low calories meals are for those Indian food lovers who wish to keep away from gaining extra calories. A typical example is vegetable curry prepared from healthy Indian recipes and is tasty plus low on calories.

The dish is salubrious and simple. This recipe from India proves that healthy diet need not lack taste.  Let us go through summarily on the preparation process.

Low calorie vegetable curryThings needed to prepare Low calorie vegetable curry

  • Chopped tomatoes – 2 cans
  • Chopped broccoli – 100 grams
  • Chopped cauliflower– 100 grams
  • Two small potatoes, small onion
  • Mushrooms – 100 grams
  • Garlic clove
  • I tablespoon of turmeric, ginger, curry and chili powder

Instructions to prepare Low calorie vegetable curry

1.      The potatoes are to be chopped in smaller chunks, preferably cubes. Cook the slices in boiling water for about five to ten minutes

2.      Cut into pieces the rest of vegetables and put in a frying pan of large size.

3.      Add chopped tomatoes (two cans) and start cooking on a medium heat.

4.      Add all the healthy Indian recipes mentioned ahead to the vegetable mix and continue to prepare on a medium heat with stirring the mixture frequently.

5.      Now, put the potatoes in the vegetable mix directly taking them out from boiling water.

6.      Continue to cook until all vegetables get soft.

7.      Serve the delicious mix as is or place the same over boiled rice.

Tips & Warnings while preparing Low calorie vegetable curry

  • Meat eaters may like to add few chicken strips to the vegetable mix
  • Prevent the potatoes from getting cooked completely in boiling water as it will make them turn into mush upon placing in curry mix. During boiling, check their status frequently.

5- Indian Mushroom Recipes

Mushroom is a vegetable which is liked by kids most often. These are like white tiny trees with soft texture and great taste. Mushrooms are very often used in the continental cuisine to give them a colourful and rich look, especially in soups and snacks.

Cook it anyway; it will definitely be liked by all of us. Healthy Indian recipes like cabbage with mushroom and mushroom with potatoes is something you would like to have again and again.

Indian Mushroom RecipesIndian mushroom recipes are prepared keeping in mind the volatility of this vegetable. Mushrooms can be incorporated with any other vegetable except leafy ones.

Indian mushroom recipes and Mushroom Curry are mostly prepared in spicy curries to give the dish a kick of real Indian spices.

Mushrooms when baked and boiled just convert the dish into a much healthy food. Deep frying is prohibited for those who are on diet and want quick weight loss and need to get fit soon.

Among the very famous Indian mushroom recipes there is another healthy Indian recipe called cabbage with mushrooms.

The basic ingredients in it are like dried mushrooms, sliced bamboo shots, peanut oil, salt and Chinese cabbage. This is a kind of healthy food which can be consumed any time in the day.

Be it lunch, brunch or dinner. Like all other healthy Indian recipes this one doesn’t require many ingredients and is not too spicy either. The best part is that it takes only a few minutes to prepare it.

6- Indian Cauliflower Recipes

Cauliflower is a green vegetable which most of the people hate, especially kids. They don’t like the tastelessness of this vegetable often.

But this vegetable has many nutritional properties for which it claims to be included in everyday diet. Cauliflower is a healthy food which accelerates quick weight loss and eventually helps you to get fit. Consuming cauliflower daily can help you keep your eye sight well and it improves digestion also.

Cauliflower RecipesCauliflower is recommended for all those who are suffering from metabolism problems. Incorporating cauliflower in routine dishes is a good way to increase its intake. Indian cauliflower recipes like cauliflower pulao, sautéed cauliflower with baby corns can work as a snack.

These Indian cauliflower recipes are easily liked by kids too. Indian culinary is well known for attaining healthy lifestyles, as it provides us with a variety of healthy foods.

To get fit, many celebrity dieticians have endorsed the usage of cauliflower in routine diets, as it helps in detoxifying the body’s internal organs like liver and stomach and boosts metabolism.

It is mentioned in much health and fitness tips magazines that cauliflower juice mixed with spinach juices are consumed for the retention of glow on skin. There are some healthy Indian recipes which you can get from the internet which are actually the best Indian cauliflower recipes to initiate in your home if any one in your house dislikes this vegetable.

You will be amazed to see their reaction the moment they see such great looking and delicious healthy Indian recipes in their morning platter.

These healthy Indian recipes are magnificent in taste and look good too. But you need to follow the instructions properly to produce such Indian cauliflower recipes because they have typical cooking methods and selective ingredients as there major constituents.

7- Exciting Indian Eggplant Recipe

Eggplant is mostly found in south East Asian and Indian cuisines. Eggplants are white and purple color pulpy fruit cum vegetable which is often used to give thickness to the stock of the soups.

Indian eggplant recipe is just a modification of Japanese and Chinese eggplant recipes into an Indian version. Eggplant basically comes from India now, since there is ample farm land here to cultivate such items.

Indian eggplant recipe is a healthy food which contains many essential vitamins and minerals thus using eggplants in recipes naturally do well to the individual in many ways. It is natural, thus accelerates the metabolic rate of the person and helps in quick weight loss and in achieving healthy lifestyles.

Indian EggplantBaked eggplant recipe is very famous among households especially when it comes to the recipe for kids. All of them can have it, as this dish is very colourful and attractive to look at.

The usage of salt to remove the bitter taste of the eggplant in the Indian eggplant recipe stabilizes the blood pressure level which in turn helps the person to get fit.

Various healthy Indian recipes can be prepared by using eggplant and its variants as this vegetable comes in different shades like white, light pink and even purple colour.

Eggplant is mostly used in salads and low calorie vegetable stock preparations as suggested in the magazines providing health and fitness tips by various experts.

Such dishes can work as a replacement for the dinners as these are full of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Also you can try out some exciting Indian salad recipes with this recipe. This can really make your dinner especially great.

8- Low Fat Indian Bread Recipes

Indian bread recipes are the quiet essential part of the Indian cuisine. Preparation of Indian bread depends upon region to region. North Indians prefer wheat for bread making, whereas south Indians use rice and its derivatives for the same purpose.

Bread RecipesMany of the healthy Indian recipes are roasted and deep fried thus these are full of nutrients and minerals as such.

Get fit by consuming Indian bread recipes on preferred meal times to fulfill your daily carbohydrate requirement.

Bread cutlets can be prepared in differ variants to be used as a snack item with the evening tea/coffee. Such fried items should be consumed in smaller proportions to lead healthier lifestyles.

For quick weight loss, prepare the Indian bread recipes in a low fat version, like instead of using animal fats use vegetable fats wherever possible. Healthy food is the sort of food which fulfills all the requirements of the body physically and mentally too. Food which is just good in taste can’t let you stay fit for long.

The food should have a combination of good taste and good presentation. A platter of full of healthy Indian recipes when presented in a good manner makes the other person gauge on it as soon as they see it.

That is the power of presentation. All the healthy Indian recipes use this trick to earn brownie points in the mind of the individuals.

9- Indian Style Veggie Burgers

Yellow Split Pea and brown lentil burgers prepared the Indian way proves to be a low cost, salubrious variety of healthy Indian recipes.

Ingredients required: Yellow split peas 6 oz., brown lentils 6 oz., small onion in half, garlic cloves 3 numbers, tandoori powder 1 T., 2 tablespoonful each of chili powder and salt, pepper, beaten eggs 2 numbers and half cup bread crumbs.

Veggie Burgers at HomeSteps

  • The beans and lentils are to be prepared the normal way. After they get cooled, they are to be mashed together.
  • Onion and garlic are to be chopped and mixed with the mash in a large bowl.
  • The mixture is to be rolled in patties.
  • The mixture is then to be cooked on greased skillet for five to eight minutes at 320 degrees temperature.


  • A good amount of money can be saved by bulk purchasing of split peas and lentils. A huge batch is to be made in a mixing bowl. Then the mixture is to be pressed into patties. The patties are to be separated with wax paper and then allowed to freeze.
  • The flipping of the patties is to be done gently.  The patties are high on moisture content and may not stick together like most burgers.
  • While stacking the patties after they are frozen, it is to be ensured that the intervening wax paper is placed in double layer between them.

So, the aforesaid method can allow you to prepare a great vegetable dish at home that contains all the healthy aspects of healthy Indian recipes and prepared at a comparatively low budget than a non vegetarian item.

The dish scores in taste and nutrition.  The left over patties can be put back in freezer after a meal.

10- Indian Pudding Recipe

Now to end up with some sweet and healthy, Indian pudding recipe is one of the popular healthy Indian recipes which have been marked for its proportionate nutritional value. Healthy food is the type of food which includes all the essential vital nutrients in it to offer to its consumers.

First step to get fit and attain healthier lifestyles is to modify what you consume rather then altering the selection of your clothing to attain a better looking personality only.

Lifestyle change brings any things in line and on track. Get fit by incorporating healthy Indian recipes in your diet.

Likewise Indian pudding recipe is somewhat derived from the European culinary, but with some favorable modifications.

Indian cuisine is rich in spices and colorful fresh vegetables, and what colonial pudding recipe has done to the Indian culinary is surely terrific.

Corn pudding is one of the famous pudding recipes present in India. Indian pudding recipe has some additional ingredients as per the Indian cooking style. A bit additional spices and coriander etc adds extra flavor to the dish, which turns it into a rather sumptuous food.

Health and fitness tips are needed to be followed along with consumption of such rich food items. Most of the healthy Indian recipes are loaded with extra fats and calories thus while consuming such dishes you need to take care of what you eat and how you eat it.