Indian Mushroom Recipes

Mushroom is a vegetable which is liked by kids most often. These are like white tiny trees with soft texture and great taste. Mushrooms are very often used in the continental cuisine to give them a colourful and rich look, especially in soups and snacks.

Cook it anyway; it will definitely be liked by all of us. Healthy Indian recipes like cabbage with mushroom and mushroom with potatoes is something you would like to have again and again.

Indian Mushroom RecipesIndian mushroom recipes are prepared keeping in mind the volatility of this vegetable. Mushrooms can be incorporated with any other vegetable except leafy ones.

Indian mushroom recipes and Mushroom Curry are mostly prepared in spicy curries to give the dish a kick of real Indian spices.

Mushrooms when baked and boiled just convert the dish into a much healthy food. Deep frying is prohibited for those who are on diet and want quick weight loss and need to get fit soon.

Among the very famous Indian mushroom recipes there is another healthy Indian recipe called cabbage with mushrooms.

The basic ingredients in it are like dried mushrooms, sliced bamboo shots, peanut oil, salt and Chinese cabbage. This is a kind of healthy food which can be consumed any time in the day.

Be it lunch, brunch or dinner. Like all other healthy Indian recipes this one doesn’t require many ingredients and is not too spicy either. The best part is that it takes only a few minutes to prepare it.