Jai Shri Bhairav Baba and Pretraj Sarkar

The most famous and worshiped temple of Shri Mehndipur Balaji consists of the three deity in it. The first one is the main deity of Shri Balaji himself (Hanumana).

The second is of Shree Bhairav Baba, which is worshiped when the devotes come out of the main Balaji Deity temple. Bhairav baba is supposed to be a great powerful God of Balaji.

Bhairav Baba and Pretraj SarkarIt is believed that Bhairav Baba on the instructions of Balaji god gives the punishment to the Evil spirits or evil powers.

It is also believed that in the early days that the person possessed with the evils were hanged upon the great pot like vessel in the Bhairav Mandir, and then they were punished without affecting the person itself in any ways. Devotes coming to the Balaji temple should worship Bhairav Baba to make their Darshan complete.

After worshiping and taking the darshan of Bhairav baba comes Pretraj Sarkar, whose deity is up on stairs from the Bhairav temple. Devotes worship the lord truly when they reach this Temple.

Bhairav Baba and Pretraj Sarkar 1

Pretraj Sarkar is supposed to be the lord of Balaji, who upon his commands brings the Evils from the body of possessed person and give it to Bhairav baba for the punishment.

Evil powers can not in any way be free from Shri Pretraj Sarkar when it is Caught by him. Pretraj is supposed to be a powerful god and it is believed that the evils are gone by only sitting in the temple of Shri Pretraj sarkar in the Mehndipur Balaji Mandir.