Janamashtami- Lord Krishna Janam Utsav

It is the time of Krishna Janam Utsav also popularly called as “Janamashtami”. Krishna Janamashtami is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is celebrated on the eighth day (Ashtami) of the dark half (Krishna Paksha) in Shravana month as per the Hindu calendar. This festival mostly comes in the month of August every year and there are many legends behind celebration of the festival.

One of the most famous legends behind this festival is that Lord Krishna was born on this dark and stormy night so as to make an end to the atrocities of his maternal uncle, Kansa. Lord Krishna was the eighth avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu.

Lord Krishna Janam Utsav

Janamashtami which is celebrated in the joy of Lord Krishna birth is celebrated mainly in the Northern part of India. This is a Hindu festival and is celebrated with lots and lots of fervor and enthusiasm. Vrindavan and Mathura in Uttar Pradesh are the main places where you can find the celebration of Janamashtami on its full scale.

Devotees observe full day fast on the seventh day of Shravan month and visit temples of Lord Krishna to pat their obeisance. It is also believed that Lord Krishna took birth in the midnight of Saptami and Ashtami and so the devotees carry out prayers of Lord Krishna full night.

One can also find the Jhankis that are carried out in different cities on trucks. These Jhankis are the processions showing the life stories of Lord Krishna. People take part in these Jhankis in large number and celebrate all through showing their devotion towards Krishna.

It is not just Krishna Janamashtami is celebrated in North India but it is also celebrated in South India by Iyengars and they call it by the name of Sri Krishna janamashtami or Krishnajayanthi.

Maharashtra celebrates Krishna Janamashtami in the form of Dahi Handi. This is the main attraction in Maharashtra which attracts people from all over the country. While celebrating this event, a clay pot is filled with buttermilk and curd and is positioned at certain height in a street.

Now this Dahi Handi is broken by a person standing on the topmost position of the human pyramid. Buttermilk spills all over the people standing down and this spilling of buttermilk are considered as a good sign for humanity and unity. Mostly the youngsters participate in the human pyramid and are known as Govinda which is another name of Lord Krishna.