Janmashtami – A Birth Day of Lord Krishna

People celebrate janmashtami devoting their respect and prayers towards Lord Krishna who was born on this very day. It is believed that Lord Krishna was born in a prison and lots of miracle incidents happened on the birthday of Krishna showing his divine power.

All guards and soldiers of the prison fall in deep sleep while heavy rain and thunderstorm were going on outside. It is also said that King Kansa came to know that his mothers 8th son will kill him and so he imprisoned his parents where this little Krishna took birth.

Just after the birth of Lord Krishna, Vasudevar got divine instruction to take the child away from that place. He was instructed to take the child to the house of Nandagopar in Gokulam and exchange him with an infant girl just born to the Nandagopar’s wife.

JanmashtamiThe chains tying Vasudevar were broken and the doors of the prison went open in a miracle. Just as he came out of prison with Krishna in his hands, a snake with five heads appeared with its hood flattened like an umbrella so as to protect them from rain. Reaching the place, Vasudevar exchanged his kid with the girl child born to Yesodha.

Vasudevar returned back to the prison with the girl child and the doors again got locked. The soldiers got awake and say the child in vasudevar’s hand. They informed King Kansa and he came to kill the child.

Seeing the girl child he was shocked and as he tried to kill the child, the kid slipped from his hand and told him that I am not the kid who will kill you but the child that is supposed to kill you is already in a safe place. Saying this, girl child vanished and it is believed that it was Goddess who came to save Krishna from Kansa.

As per the Hindu religion, Lord Krishna was the ninth avatar of Lord Vishnu who actually took ten avatars on the earth to save good people from the evils. Lord Krishna was born in the Sravana month on the midnight of the eight day after the fool moon. The star being Rohini, it is also known as Ashtami Rohini.

This day of Janmashtami is celebrated throughout the country and every Krishna temple has special prayers seeking the blessing of Lord Krishna.

Not just within India, but Hindu organizations in all over the world conduct shobha yatra where small kids get dressed up as little Krishna and Gopikas. The festival of Janmashtami is celebrated with much more joy and pleasure in Maharashtra. Here this festival is celebrated in the form of Dahi Handi which is the main attraction in Maharashtra. People come from different places to enjoy this occasion and be a part of it.