Journey to Himalayas – A Beauty of India

Where is The Great Mountain Chain of Himalaya? It would be a common question if you are interested in geography of our earth.

Some of the highest peaks are beauty of the Himalaya mountain chains. The world’s highest mountain “Mount Everest” is also a part of Himalaya mountain chains. The Himalaya has covered over 72000 meters area and it has hundreds of huge and small mountains in this chain. Himalaya is not just a mountain, it is a protector. It significantly impacts on the climate of India and Tibet. It forbids the dry and harmful acidic wind and protects the south Asia directly. It keeps the temperature much warmer.

The Himalaya is a mountain chain and that is why it cannot be directed for a single place. The Himalaya mountain chain can be found in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India. You can enjoy its fresh scenery from these places. Moreover, the Himalaya Mountains have different identities according to the area. There are four weathers zones which are Forests, scrub zones, upper alpine zone and an arctic zone. These are totally incredible and it can be said best sight to see.


A Beautiful Journey to Himalayas

Journey to Himalayas, a beauty of India, is one of the most pleasing and exciting experience for anyone. The adventure, fun, entertainment and much more is available for you at whole tour when you are at journey to Himalayas. Passing through Manali, Kullu valley, Rohtang and then to the region of Lehm, is one of the most adventurous and thrilling journey you can get in India. The eye catching natural beauties with all the greenery around makes this fascinating Indian place a must visit for all who visits India.

The whole region of Himanchal Pradesh and Himalayas is filled with most exotic places, ancient temples, monasteries, glittering lakes, and many other natural beauties. Manali which is one of the most adventurous and favorable tourist places in India is situated at the spectacular height of about 2050 m in Himalayas.

The place is extremely fantastic during winters as it remain clad with snow and attracts most of the people interested in skiing. Also in summers this exciting Indian place turns into greenery and embellish with apple orchards all where. The astonishing places like Indus valley, Ladakh, Leh and many other via series of different villages and natural beauty will just attract you the most while passing through these regions. You will be having a delightful and brimful of pleasant memories for this tour which you will ever cherish.