Joyous Christmas – How It is Celebrated in India

The festival of Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December. Christians believe that this was the day when Jesus was born, nearly 2000 years back. It is celebrated in nearly all the countries of the world. In India, it is treated as one of the most important festivals and is treated at par with the festivals of the native Indian people.

The term Jesus means one who saves the people – from their sins. Hence, it is obvious that Christmas is celebrated with a lot of fervor, joy and enthusiasm. In India however, the celebrations aren’t limited to just Indian Christians, but to the entire nation. People from all walks of life, belonging to different religions celebrate Christmas in India.

Christmas celebrations kick start by cleaning their houses and decorating them. The theme for the decoration is always accompanied by Christmas trees, balloons, ribbons, streamers, cotton etc. In some cases, people also recreate the moment of Jesus’ birth using toys and stars at their homes.


From the regional viewpoint

Christmas in India is celebrated in all the states. Celebrations in Goa however, are considered to be the best in the country. This is due to the fact that the population of Goa consists of mostly Christians. Since charity and Christmas go hand in hand, Goa celebrates Christmas by exchanging gifts, among other items on this glorious day.

On this day, people new clothes, dress up at their best and flock to local churches to offer Christmas prayers for salvation, by the numbers. Some families’ throws parties, while others grab the festive opportunity to plan a trip to the popular hill stations in India. No longer is the festival limited to Christians in India, but on all the communities that make up India. The sight of such celebrations is nearly at par with the craze of any given native Indian festival.

Christmas from the society’s viewpoint

Christmas in India is a national holiday. This means that offices and businesses remain shut, giving adults the time to catch up with friends and family and celebrate. The working community, on this day, gets a holiday that they always crave to spend quality time with their families. Christmas for kids however is a longer story.

The annual school schedule incorporates Christmas in India as a major holiday session, and genrally remains closed for two to three weeks. This holiday is preceded by Christmas celebrations in their respective schools where children decorate their schools to give it a look and feel of Christmas.