The Status Of Legal Education In India

The legal education in India was primitively conceived of with the objective of creating lawyers for courts. Even so, when looking at the changes in the country the objective of legal education system in India has become a negation concerning for what the law and legal education.

Today, a visible change in the demand of lawyers can be seen in local and global fields. People find new types of interests, advice and opinions. Besides this, there is also an impression that the legal education seems to be more on the side of wording and lowering the interest of trade and commerce.

Legal Education In India

Young attorneys are basically interested in supporting corporate houses. In such a scenario, it is important to preserve the legal education in India to function as a tool to bring social, economic and political justice. Fresh and efficient professionals are necessary for the legal system to meet different challenges in the country and convert them successfully into chances for human welfare.

But, making such socially obligated lawyers is the responsibility of only colleges and universities; the whole legal education system should do their part as well.

Legal education in India may be one of the largest professions in the world. Anyway, considering the ratio of attorneys with the size of total population, there is still a lot to be improved. Government has put step forward in this direction by establishing the National Law School University in Bangalore.

It has also brought positive results and much hopes to make the legal education in India more attractive for young generation. Many universities have also been established to repeat the success as part of the recommendations by the Chief Justice conference during 1990.

Still, just setting up law schools cannot bring success. Note that these law schools only could produce a few well educated lawyers, which a traditional university system often boasts of in spite of their infrastructure inferiority. The demands to improve the status of legal education in India are very urgent. Hope the government could form a fresh and effective structure for law schools and bring well trained and brilliant lawyers in future.