Lemon Mobile Phones: Getting More Popular

Lemon Mobile, one of the new mobile brands in India is marketed and distributed by Fastrack Communications Pvt. Ltd. Lemon mobile phone brand concentrates on thorough Research and Development which is led by a revolutionary vision. Innovative technologies are being initiated by the Lemon brand mobile phones which gives a completely new look to the Indian telecom industry.

Though it is new to Indian market, the brand has succeeded in establishing a good name in the market within short span of time. Lemon Mobile phone brand is endorsed by Pacetel Communications Pvt. Ltd, which engage in a variety of business areas such as trading, marketing of mobile, mobile accessories and computer devices.

Lemon Mobile Phones

Lemon mobile brand series has a wide range of mobile phones equipped with the most recent technology such as expandable memory, inbuilt camera, Dual Sim, FM radio, and connectivity options like Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE, USB, etc.

Embraced with all these features and are offered at least possible rates!! One of the popular Lemon mobile models 401 GSM dual SIM has 176 X 220 screen resolution, 2 GB expandable memory, 262 K color display, 705 KB Internal phone memory, and connectivity options such as Bluetooth, GPRS, USB, etc. It also includes FM radio and inbuilt camera.

This model helps a person stay in touch with your friends and family irrespective of where he is and the model is power packed with many features. With these types of technically advanced mobile phones, Lemon brand has created its own niche in the market. Now, it is renowned as one of the leading manufacturers of wireless technology solutions.

The company goes a long way in developing life improving mobile phone solutions to cater to the needs of people all over the world. Apart from the technical features, Lemon mobile phones also appeal customers with cheap price rates.