Lord Venkateswara Richest God in The World

Just think, which is the most visited temple in India…OR most visited religious place in the world…

Temple of Tirupati Balaji or Lord Venkateshwara is famous for being one of the most-visited shrine in India and the whole world. Its prime deity for being called as the richest God in the world.

This temple is in the town of Chittor District of Andhra Pradesh in India & is located in the foot hills of Tirumala. It is around 140 km from Chennai and 740 km from Hyderabad city in India.

Lord Venkateswara Richest God In The World

Lord Tirupati temple, which is situated in Andhra Pradesh in India, dedicated to Lord Venkateswara is said to be the richest god in the world.

Since at the the time of Srikrishna Devaraya there is donation of gold to that give it the stature of the richest temple in the world.

Currently there are nearly tonnes of Gold ornaments and vessels in Lord Venkateswara possession ( Actually with the trust which runs temple of Lord Venkateshwara in the foot hills of Tirumala).

Why Do People Donate So Much Gold Here?

Gifting precious and dazzling jewels to Lord started with the Pallavas almost 1400 years ago which was latter followed by Pandyas, Cholas, Vijayanagara rulers.

Among Vijayanagara rulers, emperor Sri Krishna Devaraya alone offered a huge chunk of diamonds and gold offerings during his seven-times visit to Tirumala along with his wives, Tirumala Devi and Chinna Devi.

So now you can imagine the devotion and religious nature of Indian people and India. Another strange thing is about the tradition of shaving off your head after visiting the temple and the human hairs collected here are even exported to other countries for making wigs for the people who are deprived of such precious possession.

Gold and Ornaments in Balaji Temple

You are amazing that how the trust are keeping the records of this huge list of precious items.

But The administration maintains 19 records to register the accounts of these jewels, vessels and precious items. The most exquisite and precious among the riches of Lord is the “Vajra Kireetam” the diamond crown which was designed by TTD in 1986.

This was the third on in the crown series of the Lord which was prepared at a cost of Rs 5.73 crore using 28,369 diamonds of high quality and 26 kgs of “aparanji” (pure) gold. The entire weight of the kireetam is about 13.36 kgs.

As per current rates, the crown might cost over Rs 50 crore. In the temple the black idol of Lord Balaji is covered with gold, jewelery and precious ornaments and its estimated height is approximately 2 meters.

The sacred shrine is visited by millions of devotees from far and wide and has been worshipped consistently since the past thirteen years. Every year more than 12 million people visit this temple from within India and the world. Every year the temple receives around Indian Rs.10 Billion (More than 200 Million US$) in offerings from the devotees.

Chadava in Venketeswara Balaji Temple

In fact there is a large white colored big cotton bag which was hanging in the temple premises, in which people were putting their donations.

It is also said that many times visiting women just take out all their gold ornaments they are wearing and just put these gold ornaments in the cotton bag out of their devotion to the Lord. Many men just put bundles of currency notes in the bag without even counting them.

There were many rooms which were visible to the visitors, in which men are just counting the currency notes putted in the bag as offering to the Lord and interestingly.

All these men counting the notes are monitored through a Close TV Circuit Cameras in a control room which was monitored by a man so that a strict vigil can be there on persons counting the currency notes. Now you can understand the devotion of people to the “Lord Venkateswara” in India and how He has become the Richie Rich God of the world.

Karnatka’s Minister Offered Rs.42 Crore Crown

Hyderabad: Karnataka’s minister for tourism and leading industrialist Gali Janardhan Reddy presented a diamond-studded gold crown, estimated to be worth Rs.420 million (Rs.42 crore), to the famous Lord Venkateswara temple at Tirupati. Janardhan Reddy, who owns Brahmani steel plant and Obulapuram mines in Andhra Pradesh, made the rich offering on the occasion of his birthday.

The crown, made of 32 kilograms of pure gold and 70,000 diamonds was offered by the state’s minister for tourism and a well known industrialist. The crown cost $9 million, making it the biggest offering to the Tirumala temple.

What makes the 2.5 feet long crown even more precious and valuable is the big emerald studded at its forehead. The 890 carat emerald was imported from Africa and has cost almost half a million dollars ($400,000).

It is also known that the sanctum-sanctorum of the world’s richest God, is set to be gold-plated at a cost of $10 million. Estimated to be complete by next year, about195 kg of pure gold will be required to cover the 10,000 feet sanctum-sanctorum.