Lose weight with low fat Indian dishes

Vegetarians and meat lovers both are offered numerous salubrious, nutritious options by Indian culinary art for healthy lifestyles. Basic ingredients contain vegetables, rice, nuts etc but Indian recipes can be fat enhancing owing to use of oil, milk and butter.  Be familiar with Indian cuisine and make suiting choices with them to enjoy losing weight while savoring healthy Indian recipes.

Ingredients with low fat

Variegated vegetables, nuts, legumes and rice are the pivot of Indian cooking. Excluding nuts, the remaining ingredients are relatively low in fat and boost weight loss. Healthy Indian recipes rely heavily on wheat, lentils and curry. Baked items like breads, Tandoori naan figure prominently whereas chickpeas and black beans can also be considered. They prove to be a salubrious supplement for dieting when prepared with minimal quantity of fats and oils.

low fat Indian dishes


Low fat alterations

Oil like clarified butter, milk and peanut oil contribute greatly to the taste experience and appearance of Indian dishes. They all are invariably high fat ingredients, so it is desirable to do some modifications while cooking at home to avoid high fat in food. Fry vegetables preferably in water and not in oil to lower fat absorption. Use rice or soya milk instead of milk and replace full fat milk with low fat one. Ghee is to be used frugally and maybe replaced with lower fat butter to control the fat and calories.

Restaurant choices

The principle dish may be vegetarian preferably not fried in oil. Indian culinary art extensively use meat like chicken, fish and lamb but the vegetable driven dishes are less fat rich like potato and spinach delicacies.