Make Indian Style Veggie Burgers at Home

Yellow Split Pea and brown lentil burgers prepared the Indian way proves to be a low cost, salubrious variety of healthy Indian recipes.

Ingredients required:

Yellow split peas 6 oz., brown lentils 6 oz., small onion in half, garlic cloves 3 numbers, tandoori powder 1 T., 2 tablespoonful each of chili powder and salt, pepper, beaten eggs 2 numbers and half cup bread crumbs.

Veggie Burgers at HomeSteps

  • The beans and lentils are to be prepared the normal way. After they get cooled, they are to be mashed together.
  • Onion and garlic are to be chopped and mixed with the mash in a large bowl.
  • The mixture is to be rolled in patties.
  • The mixture is then to be cooked on greased skillet for five to eight minutes at 320 degrees temperature.


  • A good amount of money can be saved by bulk purchasing of split peas and lentils. A huge batch is to be made in a mixing bowl. Then the mixture is to be pressed into patties. The patties are to be separated with wax paper and then allowed to freeze.
  • The flipping of the patties is to be done gently.  The patties are high on moisture content and may not stick together like most burgers.
  • While stacking the patties after they are frozen, it is to be ensured that the intervening wax paper is placed in double layer between them.

So, the aforesaid method can allow you to prepare a great vegetable dish at home that contains all the healthy aspects of healthy Indian recipes and prepared at a comparatively low budget than a non vegetarian item.

The dish scores in taste and nutrition.  The left over patties can be put back in freezer after a meal.