National Flower, Fruit and Tree of India


The lotus (Nelumbo Nucipera Gaertn) is the official flower of India. The beautiful flower is a symbol of long life, honor, and good fortune. The flower is rooted in a mud and yet can successfully re-germinate for thousands of years and looks beautiful and pure. The flower is also used in various religious practices and is very significant for Hindus.National Flower, Fruit and Tree of India
Banyan Tree (officially known as Ficus bengalensis) is considered as a National Tree of India. This tree is considered as immortal because of its long life and characteristics of branching their roots themselves like new trees over a large area. Even today, it is the focal point of village life and the village council meets under this tree.

Tree of India


Mango is the National Fruit of India and is available in 100’s of varieties according to their colors, taste, sizes and shape. This fruit is one of the most loved seasonal fruit of India and are commonly found in the tropical parts of the world. They are the rich source of Vitamin A,C and D.

National Flower, Fruit and Tree of India 1