National Symbols of India

India is a land of colors and diversities and it is a country which stands apart from the rest of the world because of its rich culture, tradition, people, unity and much much more. National symbols of India create the entity which is a pride and prestige of the whole country. These national symbols enable India to stand out from the whole world and reflect its richness, prosperity and glow.

National Symbols of IndiaThe National Symbol of India the great Dharma Chakra (wheel of law) has been depicted from the Sarnath Lion Capital of Emperor Ashoka. The original sculpture has four lions on a pillar with an elephant, horse, bull, and lion separated by a lotus on the base. This National Symbol was adopted as a national emblem on January 26, 1950 by the Indian Government.

The official symbol represents three of the four lions with the Dharma Chakra in the center of the base and a bull and horse on either side. The base also has “Satyameva Jayate” engraved on representing a strong idea for the Indian people i.e. “Truth alone triumphs”.