New Generation Compaq Laptops in India: Making Your Life Smoother

Compaq is one of the largest producer and supplier of personal computers in the world market. Being one of the leading industries in the top most corporate sector around the world it surely has a lot about the type of product, management, services and customer satisfaction provided by Compaq.

Started back in the year 1982 Compaq Computer Corporation was one of the first PC (Personal Computer) designers for IBM Corporation. The company headquarters is based in Houston, Texas, United States. Compaq conducts their business on a global scale from Europe to Asia to parts of the subcontinent. Developing countries like India are currently becoming one of the top concerns for the Entire IT market, including Compaq. They hold the best customer care services in this region.

Compaq Laptops in IndiaCompaq is currently also one of the leading producers of high quality technically advanced business laptops. The IT world today is witnessing fierce competition between some of the top most companies in the world. Compaq faces stern competition in hardware manufacturing from some other giant organisations like Dell computer systems, HCL, IBM PC, Packard Bell, AST research and Gateway 2000.

This completion has come as a huge blessing to the consumers as they are getting new and advanced products each and every day. In the current conditions, Compaq manufactures some of the best laptops possible.

You can be completely assured of the quality and services because it is coming from a company like Compaq. Compaq laptops in India are extremely popular also because of their tremendous customer care services. In addition, the Compaq laptops in India are very much affordable.

Why to choose Compaq Laptop

Compaq no doubt produces some of the most popular and efficient laptops in the present market. Some of the ranges from Compaq such as Compaq Armada, Compaq Presario, Compaq Evo, etc are the most popular and widely chosen laptops by customers in the Indian Sub continent. Compaq also revolutionised the world server computing with their ProLiant series.

The latest version ProLiant 8 introduced in 2012, is one of the best server machines in the market. One of the biggest breakthroughs came from this line of server machines when the 40,000 transactions per minute barrier were broken with the 8000 and 8500 model.

Laptop Services in India from Compaq

Some of the best Compaq products are now present in India at a very affordable price. The Compaq 6930p model is one of the best business and official laptop today. It comes with a built-in blue tooth connection and a digital finger print recognition device which in very rare in commercial laptops today. Priced at Rs.82000 this model with the 14.1 -inch display is surely value for the money invested. The Presario series is also very important today.

The Presario Compaq laptops India price varies from 24000-35000. The models have high graphic qualities and come with Intel motherboard and processor. The Presario series have inbuilt Wifi and Finger print reader. Compaq laptops in India are sold across various distributors throughout the country and provide one of the best customer care service.