Nissan Micra – Best Car for Small Sized Families

Nissan Micra was released in 3 July 2012 and the functionalities and facilities of this car made it so popular that the market seems to be growing even now. It is almost a year since the Nissan Micra car was released but still the preference ratio of this car seems to be in same vigor and people are showing interest in buying Nissan Micra.

This car grabbed the biggest share of the car industry and it is the most facilitated and under budget car today. This is not only a popular car between driving lover but also it is best car for small sized families comfort. This car has great styling and look and you can choose its color according to your desire. The Nissan Micra is available in six colors which include Brick Red, Storm White, Pacific Blue, Onyx Black, Sunshine Orange and Blade Silver. These all colors are awesome and Nissan Micra looks awesome with all these colors.

Nissan Micra

The Nissan Micra is deemed to be the fourth generation car which has so many additional features and the company has added some exciting new features in it to make your driving experience pleasant and enjoying. Apart from the business markets and looks, the Nissan Micra car has so many functions that will surly attract a driving loving persona and its comfortable seating model will allow you to enjoy the long drive trip with your small family. In other words, this car is a perfect choice to fulfill all the driving needs of small family.

The electronic concentrated control system has been used in this car to save the fuel and to provide you a better mileage. This is a powerful car which has two engines; one for petrol and one for diesel. Nissan Micra offers 19.34 Kmpl mileage with the petrol engine and you will get the 13.08 Kmpl mileage with its second diesel engine. So, it is great for anyone who prefers long drive and it is Best Car for Small Sized Families! Moreover, this car has been designed and styled for rough and tough uses.

You will feel the comfort even when you are driving on the heavy traffic or damaged Indian roads! It has been designed to provide the feeling of full party comfort while driving thru the on road or off road ways.

The engine performance of this car is also unbelievably good and it becomes great with the changing engine options. So, we can consider it the best car for all purposes and you will enjoy your all the trip with this car. No matter what are the conditions of tracks and how long you would need to drive, the feeling of pleasant comfort would be with you all the while. Additionally, the Nissan Micra car has so many additional accessories which will make you enjoy your trip.

The advanced stereo function has been integrated in the car and it has the USB interface and a remote control that will allow you to get full freedom and it also have FM radio so that you can take your favorite wherever you drive!