Pongal Popular Festival of South India

Pongal is one of Festivals in India, which is celebrated only in Southern part of India. This festival was celebrated by the farmers and dedicated to the corps and farms they relied on. The history of this festival dates back to 200 BC, when it became popular. The story of this festival is as usual, where the story revolves around the epic of Indian Hindu Gods.

Lord Shiva ordered his bull ”basava” to visit the people and tell them to take oil bath daily as they eat food daily. But, Basava forgot to tell people to bath and told only to eat daily. When Lord Shiva learnt about this punished his bull by sending him to live on the earth and help the humans to plough their fields and grow more grains. This gave rise to the celebration of Pongal.


Pongal is celebrated for four days, with four days celebrated for different purpose. The first day of this season celebrated to remind the demolishing of Old and a new Beginning. This is called as Bogie. People on this day symbolically burn all the old things and clean their house and place, meaning that they let the Old go and start with new life. And also the Bogie is the Last day of the winter season according to Tamil Calendar and beginning of Harvest season. The second day is the day where people celebrate for their harvested grains by offering these grains to the gods as symbol to thanks giving.

The third day is the day of Cow and Bull, as these animals are used in the work and plough the fields; this is called as Mattu Pongal. And the final day is the day where people meet and greet each and everyone called as Kannum Pongal. On these four days, people share what they have and enjoy these days fun and love.

During these days, several food items are cooked with the grains and greens that are cultivated in their farm. These are shared everyday among the people to show gratitude and love. Pongal is also celebrated as “Dravidian Harvesting Festival”. This is one of the Festivals in India where only the southern States celebrate. This festival is called as Sankaranti in Karnataka. This is only Festivals in India which is dedicated to Nature and products from the nature. Let’s also thank the nature for giving us the food we eat and the air we breathe.