How to Prepare Cheese Stuffed Naan Bread

The Indian flatbread Naan makes a savory dish when filled with cheese. Indians prefer mild, soft white cheese called Paneer; which can be alternatively used with goat cheese or any soft cheese. Spicy taste can be lent by adding onions and chilies.


Two and a half cups of flour; half teaspoonful of salt, baking powder;2 teaspoonful sugar, vegetable oil; half cup milk; some paneer cheese, onion, green chilies; one tablespoonful of melted butter, two bowls and skillet.

Cheese Stuffed Naan Bread


  • The flour is to be mixed with sugar, salt (according to taste) and baking powder in a bowl.
  • In another bowl, the oil and the milk are to be mixed.
  • A large hole is to be dug at the core of dry ingredient mixture and liquid ingredients is to be placed here.
  • The complete mixture is to be stirred to soft dough.
  • The flour is to be sprinkled over a cutting board and the hands are to be covered with flour. The dough is to be dumped on board for kneading.
  • The heels of the hands are to be employed to knead the dough for ten minutes. If the dough appears sticky, more flour is to be added.
  • The dough is to be placed in an oiled bowl. Let the dough sit for about fifteen minutes after covering the same with a damp kitchen towel.
  • The onions and chilies are to be chopped into small pieces. The pieces are to be mixed with crumbled cheese.
  • The dough is to be divided into five balls and then rolled out using a rolling pin of about one-eighth inch thickness.
  • A single layer of crumbled cheese mixture is to be sprayed over half of dough roll and a half inch border is to be left around edges. The dough is to be folded over, edges pressed together and rolled with rolling pin. The process is to be repeated for each dough circle.
  • A skillet is to be heated on a burner and the naan with its both sides sprinkled with water is to be placed here. It is to be cooked for 2 minutes and then the other side is to be flipped and cooked. Cool the cooked naan.
  • The melted butter is now to be brushed over the top of hot naan.

Savor this delicacy of the family of healthy Indian recipes hot and your family members will definitely love it on a dinner table.


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