Problems of India To-Day

India is a developing country and it has gained much progress in the last few years. Yet this country is a conglomeration of problems galore. It is sad to say that most of the problems here are self created while few are imported. Some of the problems which India is facing today cannot be solved at least for the present while many can be solved but are not allowed to be done so.

The major problem which India is facing from the last fifty years is of a bad government. We not only have a bad government but also we have an absolute lack of governance in our country. Here most or else one can say every ruler is corrupt. They have lost their caliber and character. It is not because of their incapability but it is just because of their corrupt nature, they are not ready to do any good for the country.

Problems of IndiaOne can say it is just the misfortune of the country that we are going through this problem. Riles are ours, Constitution is ours, the rulers are ours and the rules are ours yet we have such a weak and bad government. Here people in top positions are just busy in making money and are least bothered about the common public.

Seeing the beautiful world all around, we the people of India are also forgetting our culture for which our country is always known. Running behind Western Culture, we are ignoring our family and giving less importance to love and affection towards relations for which India is always known throughout the world.

Today elders are just discarded people and given least importance while small children of the family are now seen languishing in crèches. It is true that we have made many developments and achieved much success but in doing so we have lost much which we were known for in the whole world.

India is a country where problems like dowry, sati, and treatment of women as slaves have always existed and the stigma of belonging to the Schedule Class could not be lowered yet. On the Economic front, India is the country with magnum gap between Haves and Have not and such a big uneven distribution of wealth is seen nowhere in the world. The economy of our country is running in deficit and is getting accumulated in few hands while the rest of the population is struggling to even make two ends meet. It is really getting necessary to solve these problems so as to get a better India tomorrow.