Puja: Holy Unison with the Divine

Before we start doing this holy ritual named Puja, we should be sure of the reason why are we performing puja. This actions and prayers towards worshiping the divine were started since time immemorial. Man reverts to puja when he feels his chi is under disequilibrium.

The Puja in early human civilization

The early stages of human civilization saw the ritual being performed when he was scared of the wild animals, lightning and thunder. He performed pujas to evade his fear and feel protected under a supreme power. His first worship was towards the elements of nature. He feared the natural calamities like volcanic eruptions, earthquake, floods, storms etc. He felt it was all happening due to his misdeeds.

He felt the power of nature over living beings in such calamities and to suppress the rage and make the nature calm started performing holy worship towards nature’s elements like water, fire, wind, thunder, sun. Not only did he stop with this. He even extended his divine rituals to other life and non life forms like trees, soil, river, birds, animals, stones, hills etc.

PujaPuja for satisfying human desires

As the man started enjoying his life, along with the increase in pleasures, his desire also saw an increase. He felt he had to please God to make him happier his entire life. Whenever he faltered, he tended to please God more with his pujas and mantras.

Ages after ages, the number of gods and goddesses saw an increase. He felt the puja to be a way of relieving himself from the pain, stress, sufferings and also for blessing him more with wealth, health, fortune, education, status etc. Yagya is an intricate version of puja performed even today for satisfying his own desires and ambitions.

The spirituality of Puja

This system of puja became more prominent after the Hinduism started transforming to give in to approach that was more scientific. According to this practice, there is a life after death of a being.

The body perishes and the soul finds its way to another life form by process of incarnation. The fundamental concept lies in the fact that every soul should attain salvation (nirvana, moksha) through their spiritual practices. This is where the true meaning of puja lies. The puja should be performed with a pure mind and selfless heart.

The worship of Godman

Godman (Sadgurus) are the alternate forms of God himself and they are the messengers of the divine. They are born among us for guiding us in a path towards divinity and nobleness. They teach us the proper way of living and also how to live a selfless life. Different religions have their own Sadgurus.

The Hindu notion for the Sadgurus is “Paramhansa”, where as for Muslims it is “Qutub” and the Christians call them “the ascendant masters”. In the modern world, man hardly finds time to do puja and here comes the role of Sadgurus, who guide the man to spiritual ecstasy.