Raksha-Badhan Festival of Relationship between Brother and Sister

Raksha-Bandhan is one of the unique Festivals in India. This festival has unique which doesn’t dwell in many countries and culture. This festival is primarily partied in India.

The uniqueness of this festival is that it is celebrated for the relationship between brother and sister. Raksha-Bandhan means Word of protection. It’s the faith and confidence that every sister has on her brother during difficult times. Brothers are to protect their sister from every difficult situation and help them at all situation.

And also sister’s tie a knot with a red thread which is a sacred thread called Rakhi on their brother’s wrist and forehead. This represents the love and their prayers for their well-being. Raksha-Bandhan becomes popular in the period of Rani Karnavati of Chittoor who was a widow.Raksha-Badhan Festival

When she and her kingdom were threatened by the emperor Bahadur shah, Rani Karnavati sent a Rakhi to Emperor Humayun. Humayun was greatly moved and tried to help but the help was in Vain. The religious reason for this Festival in India remains different and is based on the epic of the Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.

Rakhi in the modern world has become one of the humanitarian festivals. This festival brings known and unknown closer. Girls and married women tie this Rakhi to soldiers and jawans. This symbolizes, the brothers protecting and saving the country.  By this way of celebrating this festival, many people are made to felt the love and wanted within them.

Many girls indeed tie this knot to safeguard themselves, so that boys would protect them instead of proposing and hurting. Boys when they have this red Vermillion tied to their wrist, they make themselves responsible to protect the girls who tied the rakhi.

On this festival day, Women color their hands using mehndi and decorate their palms and feet. During this day, men and women with brothers and sisters wear traditional dress and girls don’t have food until they tie a rakhi to their brothers. When a Rakhi is tied, the brother gives gift or money as a symbol of love and blessing to their sisters. This also symbolizes the relationship of their natal home for the married women. This festival is one of the Festivals in India which spreads harmony and peace throughout the world.