Reasons to Take a Break and Plan A Trip to Shimla

Summers in the plains are always a tedious affair. The temperatures can burn and peel your skin off, the pollution doesn’t help and the daily stressful life just makes matters worse.

If you’re planning on a vacation, the one destination you absolutely must consider is Shimla. Shimla is the queen of hills and since the British era it has served as the Summer Capital of India. Even after all the years, Shimla still maintains its charm and attracts hundreds of tourists every year. Here are a few reasons as to why you need to take a vacation to Shimla and have a magical experience:

Architectural Grandeur

Having been the summer capital of the British Rule, Shimla’s architecture is very similar to that of England and many a time if you take a stroll on the Mall Road you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to another location. Be it the elegant architecture on the Mall Road which showcases the British style of architecture, be it the amazing Advanced Studies, the Grand Peter Hoff or be it the statue of Lord Hanuman which is the tallest statue of a deity in the entire world, Shimla will leave you spell bound with it’s amazing scenery and buildings that it has to offer.

Stroll on the Mall Road

Nothing can take away stress like a refreshing walk on the Mall Road in the evening. Just lay back on the Ridge and enjoy the view of the entire city and watch the last rays of the setting sun or just go up to Café Coffee Day where you can lazily spend the whole day with a hot cup of coffee enjoying the weather. The fresh air and the walk will be quite a welcoming respite from the traffic and pollution of the hills. The serenity is worth dying for!

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The Cultural Diversity

The Gaiety Theatre is one of the oldest theatres in India and you can come watch lovely plays with heart moving performances by local actors. The plays always get coverage in the local papers and if you’re lucky to be in town during the Annual Summer Festival, you can be part of an evening of merriment and catch famous singers like Shreya Ghosal and Udit Narayan who’re invited annually to entertain the crowds. If you’re in the mood for some religious touring you can visit the Hanuman temple at the Jakhu hill top as well as the Kali Mandir in Kalibari which always brings tranquillity to a calm mind.

Food Offerings

Even when it comes to food, you have endless variety. If you crave for international cuisine including Mexican and Italian food you should visit Café Sol which also offers some of the best made pastries in town be it cheese cake or mud pie. If you’re in the mood for something more local, you can visit the Indian Coffee House for South Indian cuisine and hit Beekay’s for burgers and pizzas. There are of course outlets of Pizza Hut, KFC and Dominos as well so you have a variety of cuisines to try.

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Mother Nature’s Lap

A walk on a quiet road, breathing the fresh air is something that will rejuvenate you. Shimla has a lot of forest roads which you can explore. Go on a nature walk and cherish the fresh apple and cherry orchards as well as the luscious greenery which beckons after a fresh rain fall. The smell of the grass and mud will take you to another world all together and reconnecting with nature is exactly what busy city folk need!

Be sure to visit Shimla once in your life and it’s a trip that will leave a mark on your memory for the rest of your life and you will surely have an unforgettable trip.