Rich Culture, Tradition and Flavors of India

Indian culture and tradition are refulgent epitomes of a glorious history that has implanted the seeds of the unique concepts of unity in diversity, truth and non violence in the global psyche, and are a pleasant respite in times of messy modernism.

Culture of India

 Culture of India

The rich Indian culture basks itself in the pristine diversity of distinct manifestations that have carved out their own unique niche by absorbing the superlatives of various cultural invasions over the ages in its own unique archetypal way of life.

The Indian cultural diversity expresses itself in the form of regional dialects, languages, religions, customs, dances, festivals and manifold adornments that are scattered across its vast geographical expanses.

The cultural multifariousness is intertwined with the warm bonding people of every state share. The devastating influences of the time has served to strengthen the basic foundations of Indian culture and made it evolve in an authoritative and throbbing manner.

The Indian culture is ingrained with the vivid impressions of ancient lifestyle, Mughal sway, and the English domination; everything accommodated amicably in the social fabric of the country.

Tradition of India

Tradition of India

The Indian dance form is reflective of the rich traditional heritage the region is endowed with. The eternal art form communicates intricately each emotional nuance through definitive body movement and facial expression that instills in the audience’s psyche an immediate understanding of the theme presented.

The folk dance, music and instrumental play collude to make divine ambience descend on the mundane plane.

The sustenance of Indian tradition has its roots firmly fixed in the scriptural teachings of ancient Vedas that essentially weaves the desire of salvation into the mundane existence.

The Gods of India, a plethora of religious beliefs and practices and seamless infusion of migratory religions in the basic fabric of the nation stands to serve as mute testimony of the rich Indian tradition.

Flavors of India

The heart of Indian flavor is its cuisine. Each region has its own palette of diverse, alluring, irresistible and delectable delicacies that is piqued by the style of eating them, sitting cross-legged on the floor and eating with right hand fingers.

The rich poetical compositions, sculptures carved out meticulously on the monumental temple and cave walls, the architectural effulgence beaming brilliantly in the form of towering palaces and minarets, and the world acclaimed literary works are all diverse flavors that give ample opportunities for people to savor the ancient artistic brilliance of this fertile culture.

Yoga, the greatest salubrious gift of India to the global fraternity coupled with the spiritually uplifting Vedic mantras that exports one to a blissful existence has nurtured the physical and spiritual well being of modern man.

The Indian handcrafts tracing its emergence to earlier civilizations, paintings, textiles, terracotta work, jewelry, ornamental work, embroidery, paper crafts and a multitude of artistic impressions are all various facets of flavorful India.