Ritu Beri – Top Fashion Designer of India

Ritu Beri is a world famous Top Fashion Designer of India. Ritu Beri is a famous Indian fashion designer who needs not much introduction. She graduated from Delhi University in 1987 and enrolled in the national institute of fashion technology (NIFT) in 1988.

Ritu BeriShe is also known for the personal fashion book named “101 ways to look good”. She is associated with the Savera Association, which is one of the most popular charities involved in improving the lives of Indian women.

Ritu gets the inspiration about her work from the latest generation. However many believes that Ritu Beri is at the top highs in fashion world, but according to her she has yet to go far. Ritu is India’s most versatile and dynamic fashion designer that has brought revolutionary affect in fashion world of India.

Unique Collection of Designer Ritu Beri Sarees

Ritu Beri is a famous international fashion designer from Delhi. She is also said to be the first designer who headed to the French fashion brands. Ritu Beri collection is said to be unique all the time and people love catches her unique dresses. The huge collection of dresses designed by Beri is now available in the stores of Germany, France and New Delhi.

The designer collection of Ritu Beri always amazes the customers and that is why she does in all her dresses. She is a fabulous designer and her collection of dresses is one of the most beautiful and unique collection where you will find what you are looking for. It will give you quite more than your expectations and it will attract you more than usual attraction.

The latest collection of Ritu Beri sarees is in news these days. She has introduced her brand new sarees collection. The designer saree collection is filled with amazingly pretty designs and she has a new fashion idea for new generation women that can be perfectly seen thru her brand new collection. This collection is about the real and inner beauty of a women and it will explore the Indian beauty in a modern way.

The new generation fashion garments is the specialty and quality of the Ritu Beri’s collection and this is what she has shown in her new sarees collection. The eye catching designs and combinations always attract her customers and her quality has come along with the new generation fashion in the saree collection also. Clothing designed by Ritu Beri is a must see and buy collection which will help you to explore your beauty.