Salubrious Indian Detox Diets

Detox diet is a purification therapy given by traditional Indian medicine system Ayurveda, known for providing nutritional, herbal and rejuvenation guidance. Detox diets have six tastes namely sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent and a salubrious diet combining all can boost circulation, remove acidity, and clear the blood stream and lymph which will yield an energetic and happy temperament.

A detox diet yields result when it contains the pungent, bitter and astringent tastes prominently which cuts down the desire for sweet, sour or salty tastes. Foods that create appetite and aid us during stress like bread etc are the guilty ones that makes the body feel full, self satisfied and toxic. If the craving for spicy or sweet foods rises again, try to soothe the appetite with yogic meditation rather than food.

Detox Diets 1Sour and sweet combination of grapevine and honey should be taken as breakfast to mark the start of the day. Escarole, endive like bitter vegetables in combination with pungent and astringent counterpart should be taken in lunch. Rice and protein rich beans added to them will make a salubrious detox diet.

Toxic flushing from the body can become an all day process by consuming hot water or tea that detoxifies, as suggested by experts of Ayurveda.  A plain hot water devoid of lemon, honey etc may bring about optimum cleansing of pores and hydration. A detoxifying tea can be prepared by simple recipe as given below:

Cummin seeds 1tbsp

One and half table spoon seeds of coriander

1 stick of cinnamon

Brasil leaves 10 No.

Lemon juice squeezed in

Boil the ingredients for five minutes in a saucepan containing four cups of purified water and then steep for five minutes. In the steeping process, squeeze lemon juice and then strain into a cup to get utmost benefit.